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Good lands in Modern have never been cheap. However, in recent years some lands that were once cheap are now very expensive. Today MTGTavern looks at five lands printed in sets like Time Spiral or Avacyn Restored that you could have, like in one case, bought for the price of a Burger but instead now you have to pay much more!

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00:00 What is up guys? My name is Dan, otherwise known as MTG Tavern. Today I am back with Cardmarket, and in today's top five video we are looking at the top five Modern lands that you missed the boat on. These cards were once quite cheap; now you have to pay top dollar for them.
00:23 Back in the 80s and 90s in the UK we had a bad TV show called Bullseye. It was about playing darts and winning prizes depending on how you performed at darts. That show is now a very famous catchphrase from the UK which is: ‘look at what you could have won’. If you got to the grand finale, you were playing for a big prize, and you lost, they would show you the prize; they would say ‘this is what you could have won if you were not absolutely crap’. Basically, kicking people while they were down. That is what we are doing today for you guys as we look at the top five cards in Modern that you have missed the boat on. You could have got these cards for pennies, and now, they are expensive. You fools! I say you fools, but I did not buy any of these lands ever, so I am hardly one to talk.
01:09 The way this top-five is going to work is: we are going to look at five lands in Modern that are now really expensive, but you could have picked for pennies on the dollar, as they say, compared to where they are right now. Before we get into the top five, our usual spiel. If you enjoy the content from me, from Cardmarket, or from all of the content creators on this channel – our box of Magic content – do not forget to go down below, hit the subscribe button, and most importantly, the thumbs up because, that way Cardmarket knows that I am not all that bad, and they might keep me around for just one more video.
01:39 Let's go and do some top five lands in Modern that are expensive now and they once were very cheap. First up we have got the honorable mentions, and of course, we have to mention the fetchlands. We are only going to look at the two most expensive ones which are Misty Rainforest and Scalding Tarn. Whilst we cannot go back in the day with their original printing, I am sure they were dirt cheap compared to where they are now. We are going back to just 2017 with their reprints in Modern Masters 2017. You could have picked up a Misty Rainforest for 36 dollars or a Scalding Tarn for 43. Nowadays, Misty Rainforest is 76 dollars and Scalding Tarn 70. They have doubled in price in some occasions. Fetchlands were cheaper then than they are now, but even back then that is not exactly cheap; hence why they do not make our top five list.
02:28 Moving into our top five, at number five we have got a card that is a case of ‘it has never really been reprinted’. It is not overly demanded in Modern despite the fact it is a staple there. For one dollar, the price of a cheeseburger at McDonald's, you could have got Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle. Valakut has never really been a card that saw a massive spike in Modern and Modern play, but it has always been there as a tier-two deck. It is not as if everybody wants a Valakut for their deck, but enough people want to play a four-off Valakut in their Scapeshift decks. It has gradually gone up over time as demand outstretched supply because it has only been printed once in the original Zendikar. Today it is 22 dollars, a 21-dollar loss compared to buying it back in 2012.
03:08 At number four we have got a land that, has never been cheap, but compared to where it is now, it was very cheap. Number four, Cavern of Souls. You could have picked this up in 2013 for just 11 dollars, and whilst it did gradually rise over time as people picked up for their creature decks, their jank creature decks, they out-of-the-meta creature decks in Modern, it was in 2018 where the card saw a massive spike. Humans was the top tier deck, by far, for a very long time in Modern. Cavern of Souls, a very low supply card, all of a sudden went through the roof, up to 90 dollars at one point. And it was not just Humans that wanted a four-off this card. There were Spirits. Cavern of Souls is a case of a massive spike because of the number of creature decks played in Modern; and even nowadays, when Humans and Spirits are not big creature decks in the format it is still 70 dollars. A 59-dollar loss compared to if you have bought it back in 2013.
04:04 And speaking of creature decks, at number three we have got one that, this time last year, was two or three dollars, and now is 33. We have got Auntie's Hovel. Back in 2010, you could have picked this up for just 1.40. Until 2019, this card was very cheap at 3.50 dollars. Why did the big spike of over 30 dollars in the last year happen? I am sure you know it is a case of the number of good goblins that have been printed or reprinted in the last year in Modern Horizons and Core 21. We have had Goblin Matron and Goblin Ringleader reprinted; good, new goblins in Core 21 with Conspicuous Snoop in Modern Horizons along with Munitions Expert as a goblin removal piece. Basically, this is a land that you must reveal a goblin. Goblins is not a tier-one deck, but certainly, a fan favorite deck. People love this deck; it is a decent deck. Auntie's Hovel is 33 now where, last year, we could have picked it up for just around three dollars, and 10 years ago just one dollar. It does not feel good, does it?
05:10 Coming in at number two, we have got a land that has been up and down more than a rollercoaster. Horizon Canopy. Unlike some of the other lands in this particular video, it was never a one-dollar card. Horizon Canopy. Back in 2010 it was 4.50 dollars, and it became obvious to people that it was a land that is incredibly unique, especially if you are playing a green or a white deck in Modern. You use this card if you draw it late game and you do not want it, you sacrifice it, draw a different card. At one point in 2017, it was up at 95 dollars. In that same year, Eternal Masters came around, and the price crashed to a rather measly 54 dollars. People still wanted this card in their creature decks, in their green decks, in any deck that played green or white, and again, the price went back up. It was not until Modern Horizons that we saw Horizon Canopy take a big nosedive. It was not even printed in that set. However, so synonymous is Horizon Canopy with Modern that in Modern Horizons that land cycle was called the Canopy-lands. Because now, there were alternative options instead of Horizon Canopy. Even though that card was not reprinted in that set, people had other options. Although you can pick up now Horizon Canopy for 34 dollars, it is nowhere near as cheap as 4.50 back in 2010.
06:31 My number one choice for lands that were once very cheap, absolutely pennies on the dollar, and now, really expensive is Gemstone Caverns. In 2010 you could have picked this card up for anywhere between 50 cents to a dollar. For quite a long time, much like Auntie's Hovel, it was rather cheap. Moving on to 2020, Gemstone Caverns has become so popular, that you can be looking at about 48 dollars for a copy, which is far more expensive than the 50 cents you could have paid a few years ago. Gemstone Caverns is a popular card in Commander because, like Sol Ring, it is good to ramp yourself out early and get your deck doing things. In Modern there have been Gemstone Caverns decks throughout history. The reason that makes it so expensive is that it has only seen one printing in Time Spiral. If this card were to be reprinted in Modern Horizons 2 or any Master sets, I would expect the value of this card to, at least, half in price. Whilst Gemstone Caverns is not necessarily the most played card in any format, not even close to the most played land in any format, it is a case of the supply being rather low. Time Spiral was a very long time ago. You could have picked this up for 50 cents, and now you are looking at 50 dollars.
07:55 Anyway, I hope that, if you were happy before, I have not dragged you through the mud and made you feel all depressed about how you could have gotten these cards for nothing, and now, you have to pay a few pennies extra. In all seriousness, thank you for watching this top 5 video. My name is Dan, normally of the channel MTG Tavern. This right here has been Cardmarket. Do not forget to give me thumbs up, please. Do not make me feel worse than I already do. Also, do not forget to subscribe. I will see you next time; take care.

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Hey, thanks for the video, something i didnt understand, where are the prices shown from ?