During Pre-sale we aren't looking for the best cards, but for the best deals.

During Pre-sale we aren't looking for the best cards, but for the best deals. One way to find these is to look for differences between price and popularity. It is not surprising that Thing in the Ice / Awoken Horror is the most popular rare. It is a little more surprising that it still remains the most popular rare despite costing more than 16 of the 18 SOI mythics at the moment. While the card may even have some long-term upside despite trending down at the moment, it makes more sense to look at less flashy cards that might be really undervalued right now.

Playing with Fire

Goldnight Castigator  From (EX+): 1,90 €  Price Trend: 1,90 €

Why is this the third least popular mythic rare while costing below 2 €? A 4/5 flying, haste creature is obviously a great red card for four mana. So why is everybody so afraid to potentially cut their life total in half while she is in play? When you are playing a hyper-aggressive red deck your opponent should not have reduced your life total in the early game, and they also should not have amassed 10 power worth of potential attackers. If they can't leverage the disadvantage of the Castigator to kill you on their next turn, can they even dare to counter-attack you at all, given that you might follow up with another Castigator or other haste threats on your next turn? This will at least be sideboard material against control decks in Standard, but could easily be in aggressive main decks depending on the metagame. The odds of this card's price spiking multiple times while it is Standard legal (due to high level tournament success) are high.

Watch out!

Always Watching From (EX+): 0,39 €  Price Trend: 0,42 €

Some cards are always worth watching. Given the current price trajectory this card is one of them. Using a whole card just to buff your other cards can sometimes be a losing proposition. If your opponent can handle all your other cards, your ongoing buff is useless and you are down a card. There were cheaper variants of this effect in the past and also variants that granted higher bonuses. Not effecting tokens seems to be a huge downside as well, as you naturally want to maximize the number of creatures picking up such a global bonus. So it is understandable why the card is cheap and not even making it into the top half of all the SOI rares in the popularity ranking. So what is the upside here? There is not much to lose if the card drops from 40 cent to 10 cent, but a lot to gain if it ends up seeing play in Standard. Maybe there will be a Humans deck looking for the buff, but the overlooked part of the card is in fact the vigilance it provides to your team. Vigilance can turn damage races into really unfair scenarios, and some creatures benefit a lot from gaining that keyword. How would you like a 4/6 Vigilance Archangel of Tithes, that taxes your opponent for attacking and blocking? How about a 6/5 Vigilance Dragonlord Ojutai, which is never losing Hexproof and remains available as a blocker despite attacking and refilling your hand? Having your entire team available as attackers and blockers is synergistic with Archangel Avacyn / Avacyn, the Purifier's ability to grant indestructible as well. You can get into the red zone with everyone without losing a creature, while staying prepared for any counter-attack. I think most players undervalue Vigilance in general and there are enough synergies around for Always Watching to become a real card in Standard. Sounds like a great opportunity with low risk to me.

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bloodball(2016-03-30 11:52)

if people underestimate the card, isn't it better to still wait for the set to be released?
when you don't see the ''greatness'' you will probably want to dump them asap declining the prize of it and making it even a lesser risk to invest in.