Worlds 2017 Day 1

Who needs white cards anyway?

The 2017 world championship is underway! All of the 24 deck lists have been revealed. The grand masters metagame is quite small though. It is also neither about Dinosaurs, nor about Pirates, nor about white cards at all.

10 players put their trust in cheap red cards and an annoying god. Following closely behind are 9 players with Energy decks of the 3- and 4-color varieties. I told you in various articles that those two decks would still define the face of Standard after rotation, so that should not come as a big surprise to you.

That leaves 4 players on U/B Control and one on Grixis Control. Zero white cards were registered for the event – wow! After only four rounds of Standard it is a little early to say how great U/B Control will do in this inbred field and later in the wild, but if you are looking for something new at all, this is probably where you want to look. Here are the cards which will become more expensive over the weekend:

Search for Azcanta / Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin

Vraska's Contempt

These are the relevant cards from the new set. Josh Utter-Leyton already called the Azcanta flip card broken on stream, and he is in good shape at 5-2 to make it into the top 4, but to be fair three of his wins came from the draft portion. 2-2 in Standard suddenly sounds a lot less impressive, especially considering one win came from the mirror with Gerry Thompson, and the other from beating Shota's Grixis Control.

The following cards are the other rares and mythics that will see increased demand, but will see a little less action than the two cards above, as they were already known to be good and have been around for a while:

The Scarab God

Torrential Gearhulk


Don't forgot about sideboard tech like Vizier of Many Faces, Arguel's Blood Fast / Temple of Aclazotz, and Gonti, Lord of Luxury either.

What do you think about the format so far? Where will the metagame develop to from here?

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solisete007(2017-10-07 06:27)

I got tired of seeing Gideon Ally of Zendikar and Thraben Inspector everywhere. What a pity that without those White does not seem top tier at the moment. Let's put hope in Fumigation and Rise of the Second Sun, though...