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Team Sealed in Rivals of Ixalan

By ChristianS (2018-03-27)

Team Sealed is one of the most complex and deep Limited formats in Magic: The Gathering. It requires teamwork, compromise, and an extensive knowledge of Limited Magic. Christian sits down with a randomized sealed pool to show you the ins and outs of Team Sealed, just in time for the GP in Amsterdam.


Caught in Agony Part 2: On Losing with ANT

By CabalTherapy (2018-03-26)

There are plenty of deck techs on the internet which provide valuable insight. Yet, there is much more to a deck than card choice and lines of play. So, join me on this multi-part story of dedication, challenge, and friendship as we explore my experiences with one of Magic's most iconic decks: Legacy ANT.


Only Two Things in Life Are Certain: An Interview on Death and Taxes

By Alakazimdk (2018-03-26)

Recently I played versus "Egget" on MTGO and he showed me some new tech out of his R/W Death and Taxes deck that I piqued my curiosity. So I sat down and had a chat with him about how he came up with it and what results he has gotten as well as where he thinks the deck is headed from here.


5 Dragons You Might Meet on the Battlefield

By Kumagoro (2018-03-23)

Dracarys! Despite their typical casting cost being midrange and beyond, Dragons always find a way to show up in decks of all kinds. Their current situation across the formats is not too shabby, and not just in red-based builds. Here’s a selection of the flying terrors all the cool kids are playing.


Legacy at the MKM Series in Rome 2018: An Open Field

By CabalTherapy (2018-03-22)

111 players battled for the MKM Series Legacy trophy in Rome this past weekend. Let us take a very first look at the meta, the Top 8, the trends, and make careful predictions regarding the future Legacy metagame.


Codex Critterus

By JohnnyCroat (2018-03-22)

As the game of Magic expands, with more and more worlds and planes making their appearance, it makes some sense to see additional creature types – at least from time to time. We’ve also lost a few creature types over the years. Having just left St. Patrick’s Day behind us, we felt it an ideal time to look at some of the creatures which frequent Celtic folklore and see how right or wrong Wizards got it.


Spike-Phobia in the MTG Market: An Analysis

By Elric (2018-03-21)

Starting with the definition of “What is a spike?”, I will attempt to analyze the typical behaviors of MTG players when it comes to buying cards and give some hints on how to manage them.


Five Food for Thought When Sideboarding in Modern

By HansD (2018-03-20)

The last time I wrote about sideboarding in Modern, I focused on the “don'ts” rather than the “do's”. The feedback I got from my readers regarding that piece suggested that I write a piece on the do’s. Without further ado, I want to jump right into the five most important things a player should consider when sideboarding in Modern!


Bugs in the Box: Parasitic Archetypes in Cube

By SanchoN (2018-03-20)

In the world of Cube building, there is an overwhelming consensus that certain archetypes are parasitic, and you should always avoid having them in your Cube. In this installment of Cube for Squares, an opposing view will be presented. This week I jump to the defense of the creepy crawly and much maligned archetypes and challenge you to try to put some parasites into your draft environment.


GP Madrid Aftermath: A Weekend Full of Magic

By Rone (2018-03-19)

The Magic Grand Prix is the perfect excuse to spend a whole weekend enjoying our favorite hobby. Normally, the main event is what attracts most players’ attention – its coverage, Top 8 decklists, and of course, the GP winners. But there are many other things that one can have a go at aside from the competition.