Event Coverage

Event Coverage

This category is about major MTG events. Conventions, tournaments, and other major events that are about Magic: The Gathering or have announcements about Magic can be found here. Expect deck profiles, interviews, and articles about what transpired during events.

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The Most Important Tournament I Ever Played - 1

By JaminK (2019-06-24)

It sounds like clickbait, but it isn't. The Magic Online championship finals was the biggest tournament Jamin ever participated in and he's here to tell you all about his preparation, his decks, and the rest of the tournament.


How to Make a MagicFest Magical

By WileCoyote (2019-05-20)

Usually, when you talk about the MagicFest, your first thoughts are of the Grand Prix main event taking place. However, there are a whole load of other events you can take part in, as well as other MagicFest experiences that can make your weekend a great one.


A Month of MCQ Events I: Double MCQ Frankfurt

By Andifeated (2019-05-16)

After months without any regional and local way to qualify for a Mythic Championship (besides attending MagicFest Events and playing a lot on Magic Online), the local Mythic Championship Qualifiers are finally here! Andifeated attended the first German-speaking MCQ Weekend, featuring two exciting and big tournaments. Read his tournament report and Esper Control Sideboard Guide to prepare for your own MCQ events.


Analyzing the Recent Organized Play Announcements

By JaminK (2019-02-27)

On February 20th, Wizards of the Coast announced big parts of the structure that’s replacing Pro Tours and the Pro Player Club. Jamin dives in and gives you everything that’s new, everything that has changed and everything that’s still missing.


The Winners and Losers of the First Mythic Championship

By HansD (2019-02-26)

Mythic Championship 1 was one of the best premier tournaments in recent memory, with a wide variety of deck archetypes leaving a mark on the Standard metagame. Like any major tournament, there were winner and losers, and Hans is here to take the time this week to go over the cards and decks that left an impression. Some were good, some were bad, but they were all meaningful, so check out his findings below!