One of the defining aspects of Magic: The Gathering is its limited formats. Whether Draft, Sealed, or Cube, limited Magic has always captivated the hearts of players, both for its low barrier for entry and its high skill ceiling. Writers talk about all aspects of limited, from the newest strategies of the newest sets to the best ways to build Old School cubes. Read the latest articles on what limited Magic has to offer.

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The Amazing Winston Draft Format

By Peanut (2019-05-10)

A proper Draft needs at least six players. But have you heard about a two-player Draft setting? In this article, I'll be looking at one of my favorite ways of playing Magic: The Gathering – the glorious Winston Draft.


How to Prepare for a Limited Environment: War of the Spark

By Andifeated (2019-05-02)

War of the Spark just debuted at MagicFest London and worldwide prerelease events and what an amazing edition it is. Learn how Andifeated and his friends prepared for the tournaments held this past weekend despite not having access to the cards.


Ravnica Allegiance: Cube Picks

By SanchoN (2019-03-07)

As with the preceding Ravnica set Sancho just enjoys Ravnica Allegiances too much to make a definitive list of the absolute must-have cube cards. He does however have some suggestions for ten cards that you may find interesting to try in your own homemade limited environment.


Guilds of Ravnica: Top 10 Cube Picks

By SanchoN (2019-01-24)

It should be easy pickings to make a list of the 10 best Cube cards from Guilds of Ravnica, since the set has been out for a while, right? Or perhaps you feel like Sancho – that GRN has so much to offer, making it hard to narrow down which cards to include into your own Limited environment.


A First Look at Ravnica Allegiance Limited

By Toffel (2019-01-18)

Whether you are anxiously awaiting the release of Ravnica Allegiance on Magic Arena or to play in your local prerelease, Toffel has you covered. Get a first glance into the power level of the guilds and which cards might be overrated or underrated.