Picking Your First Commander: The Ultimate Guide

By RJGiel (2019-07-03)

Robert is anxiously awaiting the release of this year's Commander decks. These decks always provide a great entry point for newer players. But new players don't need to wait for new Commander decks when there are so many great commanders already out there. Join him as he explores some of the best!


A Beginner's Guide to Pauper Archetypes Part 1

By WileCoyote (2019-03-25)

Join Mark as he travels through the current Pauper meta and gives you a snapshot of a few of the hot decks right now. From Delver to Control to straight Creature-based Aggro, He's got the lowdown!


Define This: Magic Players

By Moudou (2019-03-12)

In this final chapter of Define This, we are going into one last notion of MTG vocabulary. While some terms are easy to define and have a sturdy theoretical background, others are simply not that easy to describe. After going through CA, tempo, tiebreakers, and the metagame, let's work on the lingo that characterizes you, the player.


Define This: Metagame and Tiers

By Moudou (2019-02-21)

In the current set of chapters on Define This, we are going into more specific notions of the vocabulary. While some words are easy to define, some have a sturdy theoretical background, or are simply not easy to describe as such. After going through CA, Tempo and tiebreakers, let's work on a lighter notion: the Metagame.


CabalTherapy's Top Ten Tendrils Tips 6 - 10

By CabalTherapy (2019-02-20)

Follow CabalTherapy through the last of his important tips for playing ANT; a complex combo deck in Legacy and viewed by many as one of the hardest to master.

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