Andreas Reling

  • Name: Andreas "Andifeated" Reling
  • Preferred Format: ALL of them


Andreas fell in love with Magic at the age of 11 when the Darksteel expansion released.

Ever since then, he's enjoyed the game every day and it is now his occupation.

He trades, buys, and sells cards for BB-TradingCards, streams Magic Arena here, and participates in Grand Prix Tournaments all over Europe as a sponsored player for Cardmarket.

Get Antidefeated's latest updates on his Twitter and Instagram and read his latest strategy and entertainment articles here on Cardmarket Insight!

All Articles by Andreas Reling

A Month of MCQ Events I: Double MCQ Frankfurt

By Andifeated (2019-05-16)

After months without any regional and local way to qualify for a Mythic Championship (besides attending MagicFest Events and playing a lot on Magic Online), the local Mythic Championship Qualifiers are finally here! Andifeated attended the first German-speaking MCQ Weekend, featuring two exciting and big tournaments. Read his tournament report and Esper Control Sideboard Guide to prepare for your own MCQ events.


How to Prepare for a Limited Environment: War of the Spark

By Andifeated (2019-05-02)

War of the Spark just debuted at MagicFest London and worldwide prerelease events and what an amazing edition it is. Learn how Andifeated and his friends prepared for the tournaments held this past weekend despite not having access to the cards.


The Road to Mythic: Standard Simic Stompy

By Andifeated (2019-04-23)

Andifeated managed to achieve the Mythic Rank on Magic Arena in every season and format this year. Learn how the spicy brew that is Simic Stompy helped him climb the ranked ladder quickly and read everything he knows about the deck and what his Simic Stompy Sideboard Guide is.


Getting Ahead Part 3 - Your Opponent Has a Plan

By Andifeated (2019-04-08)

There are many traps to fall into as a tournament player on your path to become one of the very best, like no one ever was. One of them is being arrogant. Andreas has lessons on not underestimating your opponent and why it's such an important skill for competitive Magic players.


The Judge Call that Changed My Career and Attitude

By Andifeated (2019-03-21)

Judge calls happen at almost every Magic Tournament. They are there to help players solve communications issues or fix game states where the rules of the game have been broken – accidentally or intentionally. Since Judges rely on the information both players provide to them and their own assumption about the situation, strange outcomes can happen at judge calls from time to time. Learn everything about the one judge call that probably changed Andifeateds career and attitude forever.