Pietro Cavalletti

  • Name: Pietro "Elric" Cavalletti
  • Preferred Format: Old School, Vintage, Commander, Legacy


I started playing Magic in 1994, and I'm still in the game despite trying to leave it multiple times. I participated in a lot of tournaments back then and got some good results, but I'm too lazy to list them down. For merely affective and fun reasons, I largely prefer the old cards both as a player and as a collector, but I've played basically every format in the game.

I'm a kind of Jolly Joker (with the face of a Jester's Cap) being a collector, player, commentator, and writer. I'm passionate about Magic and all its aspects.

I will try to bring a little humor with a historical and classic point of view in my articles.

All Articles by Pietro Cavalletti

My Worst 10 Flavor Texts in Magic History

By Elric (2019-08-23)

Flavor texts have been part of Magic: The Gathering history since the game was born. This time, I list down my least favorite texts, the ones I personally find most meaningless, senseless, and useless.


My Top 20 Flavor Texts in Magic History

By Elric (2019-08-02)

Flavor texts have been part of Magic history since the game was born. In this article, I look back at flavor texts from the last 25 years of Magic to sort out my favorites, together with some level of legend and epic appeal.


A Tribute to Juzam Djinn

By Elric (2019-07-09)

Even if Juzam sees very little play outside of Old School, it remains one of the most influential cards printed in MTG history. Join Pietro as he explores the depths of this card, from its art to its flavor text to what made this one of the best creatures in Magic.


The Arena of Magic: The Gathering and Its Beasts

By Elric (2019-05-16)

Every MTG tournament inspires histories, tales, and sometimes legends as they are strongly tied to the attendees and their behavior. Like I did in my article about Magic traders, my goal is to depict a funny description of the different types of Magic players.


The Bazaar of Magic: The Gathering and Its Beasts

By Elric (2019-04-15)

Buying, selling, and trading is an everyday part of the life of an MTG player. In this article, I will humorously describe the various seller-types and their main differences, some fun stuff included. As American author Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. once said, "All persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental, and should not be construed.