Robert Giel

  • Name: Robert Giel
  • Preferred Formats: Commander, Legacy, Highlander


I work for Cardmarket as a Product Manager and you might have seen me on the coverage team of the Cardmarket series! I fell in love with Magic and Commander in the Theros block and have been playing fanatically since then. I've played at least 65 different commanders in the past 5 years - the deckbuilding is half the fun for me. When I'm not brewing or playing Commander decks, I enjoy Legacy and other high-powered formats.

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Nyx

By RJGiel (2019-06-17)

Christmas came early for Magic players – we're barely out of spoiler season for Modern Horizons, and already diving into Core 2020. Wizards of the Coast has provided us with an excusive spoiler card, and we're pumped to reveal it!


Commander Cards on the Horizon - 1

By RJGiel (2019-06-11)

All the cards in Modern Horizons have been spoiled and, oh boy, is it a treat for Commander players. Let's take a look the most noticeable cards for your commander decks, both in the lead slot and in the 99.


Identifying Commander Decks: It's Easy as ABC

By RJGiel (2019-05-20)

Let's look at the wild wild west that is Commander with its infinite ways to build Commander decks, but only certain ways to fit specific playgroups and play styles. What decks are considered "casual" and what makes a deck competitive?


6 Fun Commander Modes for Uneven Playgroups

By RJGiel (2019-05-09)

Commander is a multiplayer format that is best played with four players. Experience teaches us, however, that it's not always easy to get exactly this number. Let's look at some Commander variants to play when you're in an uneven numbered playgroup.


Should This Be Banned - Part 4

By RJGiel (2019-04-25)

Welcome back to Should This Be Banned. Last time we looked at cards that win the game with little to no effort. This article is probably the most exciting piece; looking at potential additions to the banlist! Keep in mind that this is a highly opinionated article and that I encourage you to discuss these cards and others in the comments.