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Rodrigo Martin

  • Name: Rodrigo "Rone" Martin
  • Preferred Format: Modern and Legacy


Hi all! My name is Rodrigo Martin, although most of my MTG friends call me Rone. I have been playing this amazing card game since I was a child in school. Right after Urza's Saga was released, I started collecting cards, but by that time I didn’t even know the rules, so my friends made them up for a while!

After that, my parents moved to a new house in the same city and I had to make new friends. But lucky me, I found a nice group of young people playing Magic in my new neighbourhood. So, I kept learning and improving my skills with them as a team.

About my experience with the different formats, I started playing Extended until Legacy became successful during the 2012 Legacy GP in Madrid. I really loved the format during the next 3 years, but due to my career studies, I had to quit and sell all my Legacy cards. Nevertheless, it didn't take too long for me to come back and start playing again, but this time I chose Modern, since the format was more affordable and popular by then.

One of the best things about MTG is that I have made a lot of friends over the years. Some of them have stopped playing (I even sold my cards and came back at least three times), but we have kept our friendship until the present day. That's why I am always glad to play Magic.

Recently, I spent a year living in Australia and it was amazing how easily I met Magic players there. They helped me get the cards I needed to play Standard, and introduced me to their community. That's another reason why I love this game: the MTG communities all over the world.

Finally, in 2016, I started creating content about MTG. I wanted to share my knowledge with others to enhance my experience as a writer and an MTG player.

All Articles by Rodrigo Martin

Pioneer Primer: Izzet Phoenix

By Rone (2019-12-09)

Ready for some Pioneer action? Rone tries out the newest format for the first time with an old bird everyone though was dead: Arclight Phoenix! Come along to see the deck's configuration and see what it can do in the brand new nonrotating format.

1 Comment

Jeskai Fires in Post-Oko Standard

By Rone (2019-11-20)

Standard was all about Food decks before the ban of Oko, but one underdog deck was already waiting for its moment to take over. Finally, the time has come for Jeskai Fires of Invention to shine. Join Rone and the Cavaliers and have all your dreams and wishes come true!


Deck Review: Blue-Red Delver in Legacy

By Rone (2019-11-12)

Rone returns to his Legacy review series focused on Delver variants. This time he aims at the Izzet version where Dreadhorde Arcanist has become the newest all-star—thanks to the combination of tons of cantrip and burn spells. Check it out!


Urza Decks in Modern: Whirza, Outcome, and Ascendancy

By Rone (2019-10-28)

After Hogaak Summer we might be entering Urza's Fall. Enabling several combo archetypes, Urza might be the most broken card in Modern right now. Come join Rone as he goes deep into each Urza, Lord High Artificer variant, explaining how each combo works.


Back in Black and Blue: Death's Shadow in Legacy

By Rone (2019-10-14)

Legacy is currently a wild jungle full of Modern Horizons cards: Wrenn and Six, Hogaaks and Arcum's Astrolabe. However, one deck might fight them all. Blue-Black Death's Shadow even works without dual lands! Rone shares his thoughts on the deck, his experience, and his sideboard guide.