Ryan Scicluna

  • Name: Ryan Scicluna
  • Preferred Format: Draft, Sealed, Planechase, Commander


I love TCGs. I started playing the Pokémon TCG when it came out; I transitioned to Yu-Gi-Oh! when it was released; then I discovered MTG by attending events at my local game shop. Now, I have been playing MTG casually for more than 10 years. As an academic librarian, I was immediately fascinated by MTG lore, always reading about characters and different planes. This has led me to play the game more casually and to experience different formats and game styles.

I like staying up-to-date with how the game is developing, and I frequently watch Pro Tours and other matches online to learn from competitive players. Even though I don't play competitively, I like seeing what new strategies are being used, which cards are seeing the most play, and how new players achieve amazing victories.

I enjoy introducing new players into the game and seeing their different takes on the cards. Currently, I am hosting an MTG club at the public library of Malta for anyone who is interested in learning.

All Articles by Ryan Scicluna

When a Hug Doesn't Mean Love: Kynaios and Tiro Deck Tech

By RyanS (2018-11-27)

Ryan is back with more Commander deck techs. This time he's playing politics with a group hug pet project. Join him as he explains the art of the "deal."


Reyhan and Ikra Budget Golgari Deck Tech

By RyanS (2018-10-16)

Building a Commander deck is a fun, but daunting task, especially if you are on a tight budget. In this article, I will try to explain the thought process of building on a budget using cards which cost less than three euros each.


Balancing Power Levels in Casual Multiplayer Commander

By RyanS (2018-09-12)

It's not always easy to switch from a 1-vs-1 format to multiplayer Commander. One can easily be at odds with the rest of the players when you're too used to playing very powerful decks against only one opponent. In this article, I talk about how to balance fun and strategy, while overall respecting the playgroup.


Lord of Specters: Nicol Bolas Commander Deck Tech

By RyanS (2018-09-04)

M19 gave players the origin of Nicol Bolas his very own flip walker, to symbolize his getting a planeswalker spark. This means that commander players now have the opportunity to build Nicol Bolas decks with a decent Bolas commander. In this article, I will showcase a particular build for [Nicol Bolas, the Ravager] that focuses on hand disruption and reanimation.


A Forbidden Love: Krav and Regna Commander Deck Tech

By RyanS (2018-08-15)

Battlebond reintroduced partner commanders and even though it was a bit different from their 2016 debut, the Partner mechanic did not disappoint. Having two commanders is a powerful option in the ever-popular Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH) aka the Commander format. In this article, I will be looking at an unusual pair: Krav, a demon and Regna, an angel – lovers and partners. Here's a casual fun Commander deck built around them.