Mark Pinder

  • Name: Mark "Wile Coyote" Pinder
  • Preferred Format: Pauper, Tiny Leaders, Limited, Standard


I'm from the UK and according to the wife the least gritty northerner she knows.

I've been playing Magic: The Gathering since Revised but did have a few years away from the game. I left being pretty much a casual player but when I returned, it soon became apparent I was now a competitive player with a serious cardboard addiction.

As well as being a reasonable player, I help arrange events at my local store being the primary tournament organizer and passed my level 1 judge exam.

You might wonder why I've "Wile Coyote" in my name. I've an extensive collection of Wile Coyote memorabilia which has also invaded my Magic: The Gathering collection with a custom alter Tragic Slip and Fatal Push.

I'm firmly in the camp of pineapples on pizza but by far the most awesome pizza was the tropical pizza at the Sports Bar near Grand Prix Stockholm which was chicken, sweet corn, pineapple and banana!

All Articles by Mark Pinder

The Cat's Whiskers for FNMs

By WileCoyote (2019-08-27)

Do you want an exciting competitive deck for FNM that's relatively inexpensive? Mark's got the answer. Ajani's Pridemate is one of his favorite cards and he's convinced that this humble lion can still roar, even in the world power creep that is Magic: The Gathering.


Pauper Comes to Paper

By WileCoyote (2019-07-22)

The 27th of June was a historic day for the Pauper format. WotC finally unified Pauper and they made it official! That means sanctioned paper events all over the world. WileCoyote is here to discuss the impact of these changes and the whole slew of new cards that came with them.


Pauper on the Horizon

By WileCoyote (2019-07-02)

Modern Horizons is here and it's looking like it'll shake up pretty much every format it's in, including one of my personal favorites – Pauper. Pauper has recently been the recipient of rather substantial ban of three cards: Gush, Daze and Gitaxian Probe. This has helped diversify the metagame quite a bit, significantly reducing blue's Stranglehold on the format. With this breathing room, Modern Horizons has an even greater opportunity to shine a light on new decks and cards.


How to Make a MagicFest Magical

By WileCoyote (2019-05-20)

Usually, when you talk about the MagicFest, your first thoughts are of the Grand Prix main event taking place. However, there are a whole load of other events you can take part in, as well as other MagicFest experiences that can make your weekend a great one.


A Guide to Pauper on MTG Arena

By WileCoyote (2019-04-29)

Traditional Pauper is a great format but recently MTG Arena started running Pauper events too. However, Arena Pauper is based on Standard legal common cards only so it'ss entirely different. Mark still loves it though, so he's here to break down the common archetypes experienced during these interesting limited time events.

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