2FA Trusted Devices Feature Added to Cardmarket

Development Update
07.06.2022 12:10

2FA Trusted Devices Feature Added to Cardmarket

Two-Factor Authentication has been very successful on Cardmarket, giving users better protection of their account and the credit on it. We know it can be a pain, especially on your regular devices, to have to input the 2FA code each time you log in. To mitigate this, we're introducing a Trusted Devices option which will greenlight a device after entering the code the first time, to save you time on logins in the future.

To learn more about and try out this feature, you need to first have Two-Factor Authentication enabled. Once enabled, you must log in using Two-Factor Authentication. On this page, you will notice a "This is a Trusted Device" checkbox. If you check this box and log in, you will add your device to your list of trusted devices, which you can manage on the Trusted Devices page.

We hope this new feature will help you operate on Cardmarket both safely and efficiently.

Happy Shopping,

Your Cardmarket Team