Check Out Our Pre-Sales Help Page!

Development Update
25.03.2021 09:30

Check Out Our Pre-Sales Help Page!

Our support team gets a lot of questions on pre-sales. While we have always had very specific rules establishing who can pre-sell and what can be pre-sold, those rules have not always been 100% clear to our users. To correct this, we have added a pre-sales help page, which establishes our policy in detail and gives pre-sellers recommendations on how they should go about planning and participating in Cardmarket pre-sales. We'll also explain the basics of these rules and recommendations here.

Pre-Sale Eligibility and Recommendations

The answer to the question "Who can pre-sell" is fortunately very simple. "Established" pro sellers can pre-sell on Cardmarket. An "established" pro is one who has made at least 1000 sales since they became a pro seller. The ability to pre-sell is a privilege on the website, however, so even if one is an established pro seller, they can lose their right to pre-sell if they fail to meet their pre-sale orders on time (on time means the order must be shipped on the product's release date). To make it easier for pros, we have a few recommendations for how our pros should engage with our pre-sale program:

  1. Only offer product you are sure you can deliver on the release date. It’s better to save products you’re not sure you can deliver for later—when you will make most of your sales anyways—instead of overcommitting and losing reputation as a seller, along with your pre-sale privileges.
  2. If you run into trouble with a pre-sale, you need to spend the time and money necessary to ship the order on time.

For more information, please check out our full pre-sales help page!