Join the Conversation on Cardmarket Insight Today!

Join the Conversation on Cardmarket Insight Today!

2019-09-26 11:06:59

Cardmarket Insight 3.0 launched one and a half years ago and while it's been successful in providing a lot of great Magic content, it has lacked some crucial quality of life features that our readers / writers asked for. We've heard your feedback and are implementing several changes to the reader experience on the blog.

First, you'll notice some significant improvements to the layout, from smoother, more functional containers on the side to a cleaner viewing experience on the Insight landing page. Moreover, you now have a much better search function for tags, allowing you to filter with multiple tags if you're looking for very specific content.

The biggest change, however, is to the way you engage with Insight content. We have overhauled our comment system, allowing you to respond to other reader comments and removing the minimum character limit that frustrated so many of you! Additionally, Insight writers will now have distinct comment boxes, making their responses easier to spot and engage with. These changes should make it simple and hopefully fun to engage with both the Insight staff and the larger Cardmarket community on the issues that affect our favorite Trading Card Game. All of these features will be fully functional on both Desktop and Mobile.

We'll see you in the Comments section!
Your Cardmarket team