Pre-Sale Policy Changes for Private and Professional Sellers

19.10.2022 15:50

Pre-Sale Policy Changes for Private and Professional Sellers


Wizards has announced a rather significant change in pre-sale policy for all sellers. Starting immediately and for all upcoming Magic: The Gathering releases with pre-releases, private and WPN store professional sellers can ship their Magic singles and sealed products before release. Unfortunately, professional sellers who are not also WPN stores are not allowed to list Magic products with pre-releases before the release date, regardless of the pre-sell status on Cardmarket.

WPN store professional sellers with pre-selling privileges on Cardmarket can list MTG cards as soon as they appear on the Cardmarket product catalog. They can also ship orders one day before the pre-release events start for that product. Private sellers also benefit from this, being able to list and ship cards they receive at WPN-certified pre-release events as soon as the pre-releases occur.

Professional sellers that are not also WPN stores have to list and ship MTG products with pre-releases on the release date, regardless of their pre-sell status on Cardmarket. Sellers interested in receiving WPN certification should consult Wizards's application page to see if they're eligible to join Wizards Play Network.

For professional sellers on Cardmarket, you will be asked in the coming weeks whether or not you are a registered WPN store. If your WPN status changes, be sure to notify support so we can update your privileges on Cardmarket.

The Brothers’ War pre-sale period has already begun on Cardmarket. We ask professional sellers who are not also WPN stores to remove their Brothers’ War listings from the website to comply with these new regulations. We also ask for patience from buyers as sellers adjust to this new paradigm and get used to shipping out their products earlier.

These changes only affect Magic: The Gathering releases that have pre-release events. Pre-sale rules for other releases and for other TCGs are unchanged.

We thank sellers for their understanding and wish them a happy Brothers' War pre-release!

Your Cardmarket Team