The Cardmarket Series Could Send You to the Players Tour!

The Cardmarket Series Could Send You to the Players Tour!

2020-01-11 14:01:54

Have you ever wanted to compete in a Magic PT? Well, we can help you out!

Starting with Paris, the Cardmarket Series will award invitations to the Players Tour! If you win any of our Standard, Pioneer, Limited, or Legacy Main Events or make the finals of the Modern Main Event, you will be competing in the second Players Tour of 2020 in Copenhagen.

You read that right: qualify for the PT by playing Legacy in Paris! Obviously, all the regular prizes of the Cardmarket Series stay: we're still awarding 15.000 € in Paris - in addition to the prizes given out by Ultimate Guard and Ultra Pro!

Additionally, you can get your cards signed by one of the artists that create Magic: the Gathering. Svetlin Velinov will be joining us in Paris - he's the one behind many of the artwork we see so often on our cards: Thing in the Ice, Abrupt Decay, Time Wipe, and so many other multi-format staples were done by him.

So get your ticket for a weekend full of competition, prizes, and fun from February 7th - 9th and you could be the one competing in the Players Tour!

Your team from Cardmarket

Available tickets are limited, Cardmarket can only guarantee participation for pre-ordered registrations