Information about Apparel

Cardmarket Products and You

Make no mistake – Cardmarket is primarily a online marketplace for buying and selling trading card games. However, we still want to contribute more to our TCG communities. As such, we have launched a range of Cardmarket Products for your everyday TCG wants and needs and we hope you like them as much as we do. We only use the highest quality materials for our products and we're constantly looking to add more to our product library.

A Hoodie Here, A T-Shirt There, Cardmarket Apparel Everywhere

Who ever said TCG players couldn't be fashionable? Introducing Cardmarket Apparel! Have you ever wanted your own Cardmarket T-Shirt when attending a Cardmarket Series event? Well, want no longer as we have quite a selection for you – from our classic design to t-shirts and hoodies with some of your favorite phrases from Magic: The Gathering.

Playing Control? Well, our Island Go and Bolt Snap Bolt t-shirts will tell your opponents all they need to know. Playing Tempo? Well, our 3 Life hoodie asks the fateful question that determines all your matches all on its own. We're making sure that it's not just the actual trading cards that come with flavor.

As our Cardmarket Apparel library grows, be sure to check back every now and then to see and pick up the newest designs as soon as they're offered, lest they sell out.