Information about Deck Boxes

Cardmarket Brand Deckboxes Have Hit the Shelves

Cardmarket is primarily a platform for trading card games, but we still want to contribute to the TCG community in a variety of ways. One way, which fits nicely with our platform's core purpose of buying and selling things, is through Cardmarket Products. And what's more useful for TCG players than deck boxes! Cardmarket Deckboxes are easy to use and work for a variety of different kinds of decks. Additionally, we'll be adding to this section as we expand our product line, so be sure to check back and see what new deck boxes we've added!

Deckbox Inventory and More

Currently, we only have a couple different types of boxes on offer. Our synthetic leather Premium Deckbox fits 100+ cards, so it's perfect for your Commander deck. It also comes with a tray for dice, meaning you don't have to carry around a pesky dice box. Our second is a more affordable "Basic" Deckbox, which carries 80+ cards and has a divider.

Our current roster of custom deckboxes is just the beginning. We are always looking for new concepts and designs. Plus, we have more exciting things to come for our Cardmarket Products!