Information about Dice

Cardmarket Dice Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Anyone who has played a TCG before knows how important dice are. It's the first thing any player asks to borrow, even if just to roll for who starts. As such, when Cardmarket decided to offer custom products to our users, we knew that dice would have to be one of the products provided. Designing Cardmarket Playmats and Cardmarket Sleeves may be more fun, but what's a TCG product portfolio with dice?

Many Available Colors for the Discerning Die Aficionado

Cardmarket Dice come in an assortment of colors from opaque blue to transparent pink, all bearing the Cardmarket logo, so they should fit nicely into any dice collection, depending on you already have or what you want to have. They are also very small, offering a nice assortment of counter/token dice without taking up space better reserved for d20 or other important, larger dice. Lastly, we made sure our Cardmarket Dice came in different colors for our diverse group of players. Whatever your reasoning for choosing that particular color, you can be sure that our dice will fit in any carrying case. Fringe Benefit: You can even use them to play Yahtzee.

As with all our Cardmarket Products, we will expand this collection as time goes on. We know that TCG players use a variety of types of dice and as a reliable source for all your trading card needs, we want to meet your need for more, more, more. So, be sure to check out our Cardmarket Product pages every now and then!