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Cardmarket Products for All Your TCG Needs

Cardmarket has been around for a while and, naturally, we like to do more than simply provide our core service to the TCG community. To that end, we have launched our own line of Cardmarket Products – the most important accessories (and more) for TCG players! Life pads are one such essential product and if you've been to a local game store, you've likely seen people using them.

Cardmarket Life Counters Are the Best Cheap Way to Track Life

There have been many advances in tracking life totals for TCGS such as Magic: The Gathering from phone apps to special electronic devices, and many more. But there is just something so great and classic about a pen and paper that's hard to argue with. And for good reason! Paper gives you the space to track the many details involved in trading card games: what cards your opponent has used; what's in their hand; and other important details you might otherwise forget. Additionally, you need to wipe that slate clean when it's all done. This is why our Cardmarket Lifepads come with 25 pages each. Plus, they look nice and neat, so your life points and other notes aren't all over the place. Oh, and they're even available in all our platform's languages – French, German, Spanish, Italian, and not just in English.

Cardmarket Life Counters are the answer you're looking for. They're small, making them extremely portable for the travelling player, but still leave ample room for notes. Each sheet can track multiple games. Also, they come at a ridiculously low price!

As with all our products, Cardmarket continuously strives to provide more and alternative options for TCG players as they become available to us, so look forward to how we innovate counting life as well.