Information about Memorabilia

Cardmarket Memorabilia for Every Occasion, but Mostly for TCGs

Cardmarket is an online platform primarily for buying and selling main TCG products. But that doesn't mean we don't want to provide more! So, naturally, we have launched own product line full of essential accessories for TCG players, like our Cardmarket Life Counters, but also fun, nice collectibles, such as our custom Cardmarket Playmats. We basically want to cater to absolutely everyone who loves trading card games just as much as we do!

Want to Write Things Down? You're Gonna Need a Pen

What is there to find in Cardmarket Memorabilia? The first and perhaps most important item in this category is what players need to keep track of things as their table top games progress – Pens. It's a simple product, certainly, but if we provide the pads on which you write on, we also want to make sure you have access to the object you need to make use of the pads – both in theme. They're cheap and the ink won't suddenly run, risking your valuable cards. It will be a while as well until they run out, so you'll never have to scramble looking for something to write with.

There's no excuse for showing up without the necessary implements as we even have Bags for you to put everything in! In the long run, Cardmarket will be growing its product base to just more than bags and pens, so expect our Cardmarket Memorabilia offers to grow as we add more to our collection.