Information about Playmats

Don't Miss Out on Our Ever-Expanding Lineup of TCG Playmats

Cardmarket Products are a way for Cardmarket to get more involved in the TCG community we provide an online platform for. We provide a variety of trading card game-related products, but we take pride in our custom playmats. We are very aware of how important playmats are in our community and we want to provide a wide range of collectible playmats to our player base. While some of our categories may be limited and will rarely receive new designs (our Cardmarket Dice or Cardmarket Life Counters for example), you can count on new Cardmarket Playmats for as long as we are producing our own line of TCG products. So, be sure to catch the ones you want before they're no longer in production, lest their prices rise!

Unique Playmats From Our Cardmarket Artists and Elsewhere

Dino Lupi, our esteemed artist for Cardmarket Singles, has also contributed to many of our playmats. You'll notice him for his whimsical and bright design on several cloud-like and colorful playmats – often based off the tokens that he designed. But that's not all!

We have character-focused playmats with Gladiators and Vampires and scenery-focused playmats like our Moon playmat, Grass playmat, and even a Cardmarket Box! Our imagination is our only limitation, so you should also check out our Circuitboard playmat, perfect for budding electrical engineers. Play on a Wooden Board or make it seem as if trading cards are your main source of sustenance with our Plate playmat. Whatever your preference, Cardmarket has the perfect design for you, so be sure to check out our full collection and find your favorites!