Information about Singles

Cardmarket Singles Will Disarm Your Opponents with Their Charm

Cardmarket is first and foremost a platform for trading card games, but that doesn't mean we don't want to make our own contributions to the TCG community. The Cardmarket Series is one way in which we try to give to the community, but as we are a platform for selling things, we would naturally like the opportunity to offer our own products as well. Introducing our very own Cardmarket Singles, our own custom tokens for the TCGs we support.

Dino Lupi's Tokens Will Brighten up Your Day

Magic: The Gathering is the game that started it all so, we're offering a full range of Cardmarket TCG Tokens designed by Cardmarket artist Dino Lupi. If you're looking for cartoony, bright, and bubbly tokens to add to your MTG collection, then look no further!

Dino Lupi hails from Italy and has made more than 50 special tokens for Cardmarket – Magic. Take a look at his 5/5 Dragons, 4/4 Angels, 3/3 Beasts, Experience Counters, Poison Counters, Monarch tokens, some 1/1 Squirrels, and pretty much anything else you could possible want and need. The 1/1 Elemental token is particularly notable because who wouldn't want their Young Pyromancer accompanied by flaming elemental kittens?? Similarly, who could resist our Lingering Souls with top hats??

Cardmarket Connections

Dino Lupi's artworks aren't only limited to our Cardmarket tokens! Lupi's Goat token and Thopter token have also made it onto our Cardmarket Sleeves. His Octupus and Wurm tokens are on our Cardmarket Playmats. We have different products featuring his artworks, making them all collectible themes.

If you're interested in these tokens or in any of our Cardmarket Singles, give them a look-see. You definitely won't regret it! Dino Lupi and our other artists occasionally drop by at some of our Cardmarket Series events, so keep an eye out for that as well and get your favorite artwork autographed!