Information about Sleeves

Cardmarket Sleeves Protect Your Whole Collection for a Reasonable Price

Cardmarket is primarily a platform for trading card games, but we still want to contribute to the TCG community in a variety of ways. One way, which fits nicely with our platform's core purpose of buying and selling things, is through Cardmarket Products. And what's more useful for TCG players than card sleeves! Cardmarket Sleeves are easy to use, work for double-sleeving, and provide card, both when playing and for housing your collection.

Special Cardmarket Artworks and More

As we already have our own artist for Cardmarket Singles, Dino Lupi, we took some of his designs for our top quality card sleeves as well. If you are a fan of our Goat token on top of the tallest mountain overlooking the clouds, then you can get the matching Goat sleeves as well – and they look fantastic! Our Douglas Adams-inspired Whale Thopters also feature on our sleeves. And of course, we didn't leave out our skeptical giant Octopus who is about to flip a boat.

Did you know that Cardmarket has a sense of humor too? If you like food and drinks, why not check out our Beer, Pizza, and Hamburger custom card sleeves! That way, if sauce gets on your card, no one will notice. (We don't recommend this, however…)

Our current roster of custom trading card sleeves is just the beginning. We are always looking for new concepts and designs. Plus, we have more exciting things to come in our Cardmarket Products!