About Dino Lupi

Dino Lupi is the artist behind many of our Playmats and Tokens. He has worked with us for several years, and will make an appearance this year at the stop in Bologna! This is the perfect opportunity to get your favourite tokens and playmats signed by Dino!

Dino Lupi

About Florinda Zanetti

Florind Zanetti makes beautiful extended artworks on your favourite cards,with a gallery of more than 3000 extended and restored cards. If you are looking to add some cool features to your cards, or wish to have some restoration work done, be sure to check out her booth!

Florinda Zanetti

About Paolo Parente

Coming all the way from his home in Hong Kong, Paolo Parente is a fantasy illustrator having worked on Middle earth roleplaying games, and creating cards for Magic: the Gathering such as Elvish Champion, Armadillo Cloak & Hunted Horror!

Paolo Parente
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