Cardmarket Series Trials

Trials are events hosted by stores and independent Organizers across Europe. At these trials you can test your skills and win cool prizes and rewards. Winners of these trials receive a 40 € Coupon to participate in the respective Cardmarket Series event, a one-round bye, and a limited edition Playmat! Additional Prizes are determined by the Organizer of the event.

How do I run a Trial?
Cardmarket Series

Win a Trial and receive:

40 €Coupon
1 ByeFor the respective Main Event
PlaymatUnique Winners Playmat

These prizes will be awarded to the Player at the Respective Cardmarket Series event.
Additional prizes are given to local Tournament Organizers and will be given out to participants of the trial

Upcoming Trials

There are no Trials to display here.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What can I win?
A 40 € Cardmarket Coupon, a bye for the respective Main Event and a limited edition Playmat!

How do I register for a Trial?
You can find all upcoming trials here. If you wish to register all you need to do is contact the TO.

Where do I claim my prize?
If you won a trial you will be reported to us by the Organizer. All you need to do is register for the Event you’re attending, and tell the Tournament Organizer at the Cardmarket Series you won a trial during check-in.

If I have byes, when do I need to be at the event?
You need to hand in your decklist before the start of the first round. You can do this the day before, or the morning itself. Once it’s handed in you’re good and can come back later once the new round starts.

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