Sanctioned Premium Event

We were able to secure premier event status for all non-eternal formats for the 2019 Cardmarket Series. This means, players will be awarded Planeswalker Points with a 4x multiplier for the Modern, Standard and Limited Main Events at all 2019 stops.

In addition, Grand Trials and Store trials for these events can be sanctioned with a 2x multiplier. Competitive-format side events will award Planeswalker Points with a regular 1x multiplier. Legacy main events as well as eternal format side events will be casual tournaments without multiplier.

Planeswalker Points
Main Event Modern, Limited, Standard4x
Main Event Legacy, Vintage0x
Event Pauper, Highlander, Commander1x
Event Old School0x
Grand Trials Modern, Limited, Standard2x
Grand Trials Legacy, Vintage0x
Special Event Modern1x

This table also applies to the Cardmarket Series event in Germany, which is also receiving Planeswalker points!.