What Is a Cardmarket Series Trial?

The Cardmarket Series is Europe's largest independently organized tournament series. Every stop of the Cardmarket Series features five exciting main events and a vast range of other formats & events. Over the course of the series, it awards prizes totaling more than 100.000€ in Cardmarket coupons. Find out more about Cardmarket Series events here: Cardmarket Series Webpage.

As part of the Cardmarket Series, Cardmarket offers tournament organizers, stores and communities across Europe the chance to run so called trials for the Limited, Standard, Modern, Vintage and Legacy main events of each Cardmarket Series stop. Cardmarket supports the stores/tournament organizers who run these Cardmarket Series Trials with game materials, Cardmarket coupons, and Cardmarket Series main event byes for trial winners. Don't miss the chance to run a Cardmarket Series Trial in your store and provide your community with an exciting tournament with sponsored prizes! Register now and get support for your local tournaments.

How can I be part of a Cardmarket Series Trial?

As a player, you can participate in any Cardmarket Series Trial. Cardmarket Series Trials are run by independent stores / tournament organizers around Europe and award winners a 40EUR Cardmarket coupon (effectively a free entry), a one-round bye in that main event format, and a limited playmat (all prizes are awarded to players by Cardmarket Series TOs at the respective Cardmarket Series event venue. Additional prizes are determined by local event organizers. Attending a Cardmarket Series Trial gives players a head start on the competition with a first-round bye at Cardmarket series main events. Find Cardmarket Series Trials in your area here: List of Cardmarket Series Trials

As a store / tournament organizer, you can offer your local community exciting tournaments with attractive prizes. You only need to register your store / community on your Cardmarket account and request to run a Cardmarket Series Trial at your location. After the confirmation of your first trial, you receive a package with gaming material and the right to provide the winner of your trial the sponsored prizes. Moreover, after reporting trial winners, you also receive free Cardmarket coupons depending on the number of trial participations to use for future Cardmarket Series Trial prize pools.

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What Does Cardmarket Offer Cardmarket Series Trial TOs?

Tournament organizers can advertise the following prizes for a reported winner of their Cardmarket Series Trial:

  • A €40 Cardmarket coupon as a starting bonus at the respective Cardmarket Series event (to be picked up by the player at the registration desk when registering for the Cardmarket Series main event in the corresponding format) - effectively a free entry for the player!
  • A first-round bye at the Cardmarket Series main event in the format which corresponds to the format of the trial
  • A limited Cardmarket Series Playmat (to be picked up at the registration desk of the Cardmarket Series event)

Tournament organizers receive Cardmarket coupons via email (to be used as prizes for other tournaments or additional trials) based on the size of the trial.

No. of PlayersCardmarket Coupons
8 - 1010 € (2 x 5 €)
11 - 1515 € (3 x 5 €)
16 - 2020 € (4 x 5 €)
21 - 2525 € (5 x 5 €)
26 - 3030 € (6 x 5 €)
31 - 3535 € (7 x 5 €)
36 - 4040 € (8 x 5 €)
41 - 4545 € (9 x 5 €)
46 - 5050 € (10 x 5 €)

If you expect more than 50 players at your Cardmarket Series Trial, please contact us prior to the event!

New Cardmarket partners (tournament organizers who run their first Cardmarket Series Trial) get a merchandise package with Cardmarket game materials (life pads, pens, table tents and more). Existing Cardmarket partners can get additional Cardmarket gaming material on demand.

What Does Cardmarket Expect from Cardmarket Series Trial TOs?

  • To register their store and location and to complete the sponsoring application by providing all necessary information via the Cardmarket Series Trial section of their Cardmarket account
  • If trial is approved, to run a DCI sanctioned Magic: The Gathering tournament, to include "Cardmarket Series Trial" in the tournament name, and to place the Cardmarket Series roll-up banner prominently in their event venue
  • To submit the final standings of the trial (export the data from the official tournament software) together with the winner information (full name and DCI number)
  • If possible, to link to the Cardmarket Series website from their own online platforms (e.g. homepage, Facebook page, etc.)
  • To become members of the Cardmarket Series Facebook group in oder to stay up to date with all the latest information regarding Cardmarket Series events: Cardmarket Series on Facebook

Premium Event Status

We were able to secure premier event status for the following formats for the Cardmarket Series Trials 2019:

  • Modern
  • Standard
  • Limited
This means, players will be awarded Planeswalker Points with a 2x Multiplier in the aforementioned formats.

There is no multiplier for the formats:

  • Legacy
  • Vintage

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What Are the General Rules for Cardmarket Series Trials?

  • Tournament organizers must run an open tournament in the format Modern, Legacy, Standard, or Limited in an appropriate venue. For a trial to be reported it needs at least eight players.
  • Tournament organizers must register their store/location with their Cardmarket account (a Cardmarket account is mandatory). Only tournament organizers who receive a confirmation for their first trial are considered partners of Cardmarket.
  • Tournament organizers are required to request the trial via the Cardmarket Series Trial section of their Cardmarket account at least fourteen (14) days before the scheduled trial date and to run the trial at least five days prior to the trial's respective Cardmarket Series event.
  • Cardmarket Series Trials need to be approved by Cardmarket. Approved trials will be shown as "confirmed" in the Trial Manager, will be listed on the trial website, and the tournament organizers will receive confirmation via e-mail.
  • Tournament organizers are required to report the winner and standings of the trial via the Cardmarket Series Trial section of their Cardmarket account at least five days prior to trial's respective Cardmarket Series event. Approved standings will be displayed as "approved" in the Trial Manager. The winner will also be listed on the trial website and the tournament organizers will receive their coupons via e-mail. Prizes will be awarded only if Cardmarket has confirmed the standings.
  • Every tournament organizer can only organize one trial for each format (a maximum of five trials) per Cardmarket Series stop
  • The bye for the winner will only be awarded at the Cardmarket Series main event linked to the Cardmarket Series Trial and cannot be transferred to future tournaments. The winner must pick up their coupon and playmat from the registration desk at the respective Cardmarket Series event.
  • No Friday Night Magic or other official tournaments are allowed to be orgnanized as Cardmarket Series Trials.

What Are the Tournament Guidelines for Cardmarket Series Trials?

  • Trials can be run in one of the following formats: Limited, Standard, Modern, Vintage, or Legacy.
  • Trials must adhere to all stipulations of the Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules and the Magic: The Gathering Infraction Procedure Guide, unless specifically overruled by the following. Rules documents can be found in the Magic Document Center.
  • A certified Judge should be present to suprevise the tournament.
  • The minimum number of participants to sanction and report the tournament is eight players.
  • Proxies are not allowed—only original Magic: The Gathering cards can be used.
  • Trial participants should hand in decklists to the tournament organizer prior to the beginning of play.
  • The store owner, organizer, judge(s), and/or scorekeeper of the trial may not, under any circumstances, take part in the tournament to avoid even any suggestion of possible fraud.
  • The Rules Enforcement Level should be Regular or Competitive.
  • A Cardmarket Series Trial must not be sanctioned as an event of any official Wizards program (like GPT, PPTQ).
  • Tournament structure (e.g., Swiss, playoffs) can be determined by the organizer, as long as it is clearly communicated to the players in advance.
    • Swiss rounds are best two out of three and 50 minutes long plus a maximum of five extra turns as necessary.
    • Playoff matches are best two out of three, single elimination, and untimed.
    • The number of Swiss and playoff rounds shall depend on the number of participants.