Cardmarket Grading

Welcome to the Cardmarket Grading page! Here you can take advantage of an official, Cardmarket sanctioned card grading service, complete with our seal and branding.
This process is a bit more complicated than a normal purchase though, and you will find the instructions for it below:

Cardmarket Grading

1 grading

20,00 €

Cardmarket Grading

10 gradings

190,00 €

  1. You'll first note that there are two products on this page. The first is the price per card. The second option is a bulk price for 10 cards.
    You should add cards to your cart from the correct category, based on the total number of cards you wish to have graded.
  2. Once you have the "products" in your shopping cart, you will notice, on the checkout page, that you have to choose between two shipping methods.
    There is the standard tracked shipping, which ensures orders up to 500€ and the Intex methods---these are our recommendations---which ensures more expensive orders.
    Please note that these are the shipping methods our graders will use to send the cards back to you.
    By purchasing a grading, you have accepted CM Grading's Terms and Conditions.
  3. After you have purchased the order, which you can do through the normal process on the website, you must decide yourself how to deliver the cards to the graders (you can even hand-deliver the cards if you like).
    The method and decision you choose is separate from the transaction and is, in no way, associated with Cardmarket. The user is solely responsible for ensuring safe delivery to Cardmarket Grading.
  4. Once you've decided on your shipping method, you need to pack your shipment. Make sure you include the Cardmarket Purchase #, which you will find on the top of your order page, in your package. Please ensure that you address your package to Guard and Grading GmbH (GnG GmbH).
    Additionally, once you've shipped the package, contact Cardmarket Grading through the messaging app on the website. You need to let them know which shipping method you used and the tracking number, if applicable. Cardmarket Grading will mark your order as Sent once they have received it.
  5. Once Cardmarket Grading has finished grading your cards, they will send the graded cards back to you. They will use the Cardmarket system to provide the tracking code for your order, as with any other shipment. When you have received the package, you need to mark the shipment as arrived, as you would with any other order.

The above steps are mandatory if you want your cards graded. Please be sure to follow them carefully and provide all the necessary information.