Set Information

Hoist the Sails with the Straw Hat Crew

Starter deck Straw Hat Crew is one of the four new beginner decks created by Bandai, the company behind Dragon Ball Super and Digimon card games, to introduce all kinds of players to the world of the One Piece TCG. That’s right, the massive world of One Piece can be experienced through Bandai’s newest Trading Card Games.

Each Straw Hat Crew starter deck contains a ready to play out of the box deck with 51 cards (one Leader Card, two Super Rares, and 14 Commons), ten DON!! cards and one Playsheet. DON!! is the resource of the game that each player needs to play characters and it goes in a separate deck. Straw Hat Crew was released on 2 December 2022 and has an MSRP of 13.90 €.

Red Luffy Wins

No matter the card game, the face is always the place. Red is often the color of passion and aggression, and the new One Piece Card Game is not an exception to this “rule.” Straw Hat Crew is a mono-red deck that focuses on aggressive strategies and quick attacks. The main keyword that summarizes this pre-constructed deck is [Rush]. In One Piece, cards can’t attack the turn they’re summoned, which limits the speed at which a player can attack. However, a character with [Rush] can attack right after being summoned and this Starter Deck is all about attacking.

Starting with the Leader and the main character of the franchise, Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy is a pirate with the ability to stretch himself like rubber. In the card game, Luffy is a standard Red Leader with a single ability. Once per turn, Luffy can give himself or a friendly character one rested DON!! card. DON!! cards, in addition to being mana, can be equipped to a character. When a DON!! card is equipped, the chosen character has a boost in [Power] and can unlock certain abilities. One example is Sanji, a character that gains [Rush] while equipped with at least two DON!! cards (DON!! X 2). This simple yet effective ability of Luffy encourages aggressive resource usage, allowing players to stay on the offensive.

The Best Defence is a Good Offense

Even if the main theme of Straw Hat Crew is aggression, even the strongest attacks require at least some defense. Not every card has Counter value to defend the leader, but this starter deck includes some Event Cards that help boost Luffy during the opponent's turn. Guard Point can be played on the opponent’s turn and gives one friendly character [Power]+3000 during the battle. It also can help disrupt the opposite turn when its [Trigger] effect happens, giving [Power] +1000 until the end of the turn.

If you’re interested in One Piece Card Game or you’re a returning player from other games that favors an aggressive playstyle, then Straw Hat Crew is the deck for you. Plus Luffy and his crew are the heroes, and who doesn’t want to be the Hero?