Set Information

The Worst Generation Sails Under a Green Flag

The best way to start any trading card game is with pre-constructed decks. Every game designer meticulously creates simple cards with synergic abilities that orbit around a main theme. The One Piece Card Game is a new creation from Bandai, the company behind the Dragon Ball Super and Digimon card games, based on the popular manga and anime. Bandai has kicked things off with four starter decks, each one with a different color and theme. The Worst Generation gets the color Green.

Each Worst Generation starter deck contains a ready to play out of the box deck with 51 cards (one Leader Card, two Super Rares, and 14 Commons), ten DON!! cards and one Playsheet. DON!! is the resource of the game that each player needs to play characters and it goes in a separate deck. The Worst Generation was released on 2 December 2022 and has an MSRP of 13.90 €.

In Between Aggro and Control

Tempo is a complex term often used in Trading Card Games. While its definition is controversial, a Tempo deck usually tries to maximize its resource usage while disrupting the opponent’s plan. Tempo decks need to steadily build their game plan, like a castle of cards. The Worst Generation and the green color introduce this concept in the One Piece Card Game, mostly by untapping their own tapped characters for extra attacks while tapping the opponent's Blockers and Attackers. Eustass "Captain" Kid is the head of this ship and his ability represents the aggressive side of tempo. By paying three DON!! cards and trashing a card from your hand, Eustass untaps for a second attack in the same turn. The complexity here will be deciding when it’s worth the DON!! to maximize the value of the extra attack.

While Eustass is busy throwing punches, Scratchmen Apoo is in the trenches busy sabotaging the opponent’s tactics. While equipped with a DON!! card and when attacking, Apoo can rest one of the opponent’s DON!!. Straw Sword and Killer synergize very well since Straw Sword is an Event card that taps one of the opponent’s characters, while Killer KO’s one rested character with a cost of three or less.

Difficult Plays Lead to Great Outcomes

With The Worst Generation, the player needs the correct sequence of attacks to prevail. X.Drake is a four-costed Character that, while equipped with a DON!! card, grants [Power]+1000 to all Supernovas or Navy-type Leaders and Characters. Since the player must rest the character while attacking, X.Drake is a great first attack to boost your remaining ones. In Tempo strategies, everything counts toward victory, so every little error can be the difference between winning and losing.

Despite having simple mechanics and obvious synergies, The Worst Generation is a challenging start for a new player. Mastering all the interactions and timings within this Starter Deck is the perfect way to start the One Piece Card Game journey and the best preparation to climb higher mountains. If you feel the need for more power in your deck, check out Romance Dawn, the first Booster Pack in the One Piece Trading Card Game.