The new extension XY – Ancient Origins comes with... ...more than 90 cards! ...11 new Pokémon-EX, including 3 Mega-Evolution-Pokémon and 1 new mysterious Pokémon! dizzling versions of Proto-Kyogre-EX, Proto-Groudon-EX and Mega-Rayquaza-EX! The new extension XY – Ancient Origins was released on 12th August 2015. Moreover it’s the 7th expansion of the XY-cycle in this Trainingcard-Game.

Set Information

A long expected extension, which was in advance one of the most discussed themes between players. This edition belongs definitely to one of the most remarkable ones, since it focuses on a powerful and fast leading game.

Pokémon Trading Card Game has reached a new level due to strong cards such as Hoppa EX or Sceptile EX.

The Pokémons:

Pokémons are not only the biggest part but also the most important part of every expansion. In Ancient Origins we have two main points to focus on. On the one hand we have the enormous and fast Grass Pokémons. One can say that these monsters are the main actors in this extension. Furthermore we should point out Vespiquen, which can overwhelm every Pokémon EX in one turn with his attachment Bee Revenge. But there’s more to it than that. We also have the technical projections, such as M Sceptile EX or Vileplume. In contrast to other Grass Pokémons these two are excessively good.

On the other hand we have the giant Pokémon EX, which come with this new set. Monsters, such as Tyranitar EX with 240 HP should definitely not be underestimated. Yet smaller EX, for example Lugia or Girantina can give your opponent a hard time, as well.

So, as we can see, it won’t be hard to give your deck a new direction by dint of all these new tools. Naturally this edition offers new special cards for all the gatherer out there.

Cards, which were already released in the last sets such as Proto Kyogre / Groudon and M Rayquaza will be enclosed in some boosters. Yet they might appear in a new artwork and a sligthly changed format.

These cards are printed in gold. In addition they are appareled with a sight golden frame. Their attacks will remain, yet their acient traits which come with these legendary Pokémon have changed. Furthermore this set includes two golden trainer cards, which have the same effect like the original versions.

The last card, that definitely should be marked down is Hoopa EX. It will be published in a complete new version. Currently, it is one of the newest Pokémons, as well. It will appear as a card with a lot of abilities, which seem to be quite effectively. Sooner or later it will be one of the most wanted card, since Hoppa EX will fill the gaps in many decks. Your deck will be faster when it comes to setting up your Pokémons during a match. A faster set-up will lead you to a faster victory.

Trainer Cards:

The card which causes the biggest sensation is obviously „Forest of giant plants“. It is extremely powerful due to the fact that it allows all your Grass Pokémons to develope immediately. Furthermore this expansion contains strong reprints from older cards, such as Levelball. So, welcome back Levelball – in a complete new design.

Basically, this set is quite balanced when it comes to trainer cards. The most interesting supporter in this set is „Hex Maniac“, which is your loophole during a ticklish situation.


Of course we have great energies for you. Actually, there are two, which are available for special Pokémon types. In this case we have the Lightning Pokémons on the one hand. And on the other hand the Darkness Pokémons.

The Dangorous Energy is provided for all the Darkness Pokémons. If your opponent attaches you with his Pokémon EX, this energy will allow your affected Pokémon to throw back two damage points to its offender. A great new mechanic that powers your deck and also comes with great projections concerning your counterattacks.

The Flash Energy is customized for your Lightning Pokémons. It covers their weakness, which is in general a big advantage for you. You do not need to worry about decks anymore, which seem to be superiorly at the first sight.

So, as you can see these new energies are a great extra of this expansion. Moreover they can be a new basement for your further decks. This might lead to some interesting and new match situations.


All in all, this extension will cause a big change in some decks. There are many smaller cards that pledge a lot of fun and new options during tournaments. It is clearly to see, that this set has its focus mainly on Grass Pokémons. Yet, do not underestimate all the other colours and types! So, there are definitely great and exciting times waiting up for you – no matter which Pokémon you’ll choose in the end.