…more than 120 new cards! …9 new Pokémon-EX including 2 Mega-Evolution-Pokémon! …5 brandnew BREAK Pokémon Evolutions which come with a new great game mechanism and a golden design … 2 new Starter Decks which offer a perfectly balanced game experience and lead to new exciting matches

Set Information

The extension “XY 9 – BREAKPoint” will be available commercially as of 3th February 2016. Moreover, it’s the 9th extension of the XY-circle. Furthermore this extension will be legally at tournaments – whether as standard or expanded version - in the last weeks of February.

General information This extension evolved from the Japanese extension “Rage of the Broken Heavens”.

Pokémon The battle of the giants continues. It’s the 2nd Set which comes with new great Break Pokémons. New Break Pokémons, which can be included in your deck as of the 3rd of February are: Trevenant, Luxray, Greninja and Golduck. Each Pokémon has a big influence on the upcoming tournaments , since they all received a great upgrade concerning power and dominance on the Meta. Especially Greninja which has already been secretly rated as the extension’s new hero.

And let me tell you, that there’s more to in than that. In addition, we have a new innovative EX and Mega EX Pokémon, which have already proved themselves way back in the past.

This extension puts its focus on the shiny Gyarados, which basically forms most of the design. Not only does it cause faster heartbeats with gatherer due to its rareness and appearance, but also during a match shiny Gyarados has a lot to offer.

Besides there are more interesting EX cards, which come with the new extension. Next to Scizor EX and Mega there are also the new Eeveelutions EX forms. You can already discover Espeon EX in the new set. But surely, the next extension will include more new styles. Other EX Pokémon which are available in BreakPoint are: Ho-oH EX, Darkrai EX and Manaphy EX. So, all in all a set, which will not only convince players but also assemblers due to its legendary Pokémons.

Trainer Naturally, this extension contains many Trainers and Supporter cards, which will support your play – either in an improving or stabilising way.

The most striking card in this set is “Delinquent”. A card that keeps many advantages ready. Well, basically it tells your opponents to discharge three cards, so that you can limit them in their opportunities.

Also, Supporter such as „Psychic’s Mind Reading“ will be built up in many decks, I guess. Since it also offers you to restrict your adversary due to bucking off many great cards.

So, let me give you an overview about the upcoming Trainer cards or rather Item cards. In this extension there are a lot of extraordinary cards – especially regarding to Item cards. So, here are the three best cards: If you ask me, I’ll say that “Time Puzzle” is the best Item card. This card enables the return of one card – best-case two cards – from your discard pile into your hand. The second best card, which is just slightly worse than the first one is “Fighting Fury Belt”. It provides a HP gain up to 40 for your Pokémon. Moreover your monster will be endowed with one damage counter. An unique and great tool that will impact the upcoming tournaments. Last but not least: Max Elixir, which - with a bit of luck - supports your Pokémon on the bench with one Energy. In addition it can provide an essential advantage in your set-up.

Energies Well, this set offers us a really special Energy card – namely “Splash Energy”. At first sight it doesn’t seem to be that unique. An Energy which only comes with one Water as Energy type? Not really. Let’s have a closer look. This card distinguished itself, since it supports your Pokémon with water on the one hand. On the other hand it can also return easily to your hand, if that supported Pokémon will be knocked out. This is a big advantage, because you do not need to worry about your Energies in the next turn. This card will definitely find a spot in many decks. Maybe some of you remember “Recycle Energy”, which was playable back in 2000 and had the same effect as “Splash Energy”. A must-have card in the past that has lead to many victories.

Conclusion Well, again we can expect a great and exciting set, which is mostly characterised due to its legendary and powerful Pokémons. Especially the new Trainer cards and their mechanism are more than interesting for us. In this extension they focus on limiting your adversary. All in all, BREAKPoint belongs to one of the most powerful extension in this XY circle, when it comes to Trainer and Supporter cards. I guess it will put the cat among the pigeons at tournaments! But also, if you’re only playing with your friends and family this set with its powerful cards will guarantee a lot of fun! Moreover gatherer will be happy about this new set. Whether it is the shiny Gyarados or the new Break forms – there are many fillets that are waiting for you!

So, a great time is waiting ahead. This set makes us desiring for more!