…more than 160 new cards! …8 new Pokémon-EX including 4 Mega-Evolution-Pokémon! …6 brandnew BREAK Pokémon Evolutions which come with a new great game mechanism and a golden design … 2 new Starter Decks named “Buring Spark” with focus on Raichu or rather Lightning and Fire Pokémons, “Night Striker” which concentrates on Noivern – a combination of Psychic and Darkness Pokémons

Set Information

General information The extension “XY 8 – BREAK THROUGH” will be available commercially as of 4th November 2015. It’s the 8th extension of the XY-circle in this collecting card game. Moreover in the last weeks of November this extension will be legally at tournaments – whether as standard or expanded version.

General information: This extension evolved from the two Japanese extensions “Red Flash” and “Blue Impact”.

Pokémons Mewtwo, Mewtwo, Mewtwo – this edition offers concurrently several cards of this popular Pokémon. The two most expected cards are on the one hand Mega Mewtwo X and on the other hand Mega Mewtwo Y. Both of them come up with a strong Mega Pokémon version in the new set. And again we have some new strong Pokémon EX, which will influence the upcoming tournaments and Meta Decks. Especially Houndoom EX and Houndoom EX Mega should be emphasized. Both cards have a great potential to cause a stir in their standard version at some tournaments. Not only because both of them have a general small expenditure due to their minor Energy Costs, but also by dint of their attachments which pressurize your opponent quickly. Moreover these Pokémons are supported by the new Burning Energy. We are going to focus on that new Energy later on. Yet, there’s more to it than that. This new set still has more to offer! The second big change is the long desired BREAK EVOLUTION, which creates with its new mechanism a more interesting and innovative game. You can deal with these Break Pokémons just like a Level UP. Put these on your Pokémons soon as they ‘ve reached their highest stage. This will cause new strong attachments and skills for their highest evolution. The first Break Pokémons that you can include in your decks are: Raichu, Zoroark, Chesnaught, Marowak, Noivern, Florges. Well, these monsters will be also the last ones, since this new mechanism will take a big part in the next sets, as well.

Trainer In this case we also have a new exciting development, since we finally have Trainers with a double effect. On the one hand they can come with two effects, off which we can choose one. On the other hand they can also have two sides, which we can either use for ourselves or for our combatant.

The first notable card in this set is certainly “Parallel City”, which presents a new Arena with two effects. These can be hand out at discretion to your opponent or to yourself. The second card is a supporting card named “Giovannis Scheme”. This card offers you more options and with that several advantages by dint of more hand cards. At once it can also strengthen your Pokémon’s attacks. You can choose one of them as you wish.

The last fillet of this new set that can be welcomed is a good old friend, which we have already met in last extensions. We are talking about “Skyla”. Many successful decks contained this card in the last years. Unfortunately, we have lost her in the last month due to the rotation and new standard format. Luckily, she finds her way back into the standard format.

Obviously, this set aims to enlarge your possibilities for each card. This provides flexible and better reactions during different match situations.

Energies The spotlight in this extension is clearly set on the Fire Energies or rather a better version of them. Next to the general skills of a Fire Energy, Burning Energy also comes with other significant capibilities. For example, if one of you Fire Pokémon has to discard one Energy, Burning Energies allows you to place this card back to your stack. A great extension for every Fire Deck! Another Energy Card which is built up in this deck is also a good old friend for some of us. Rainbow Energy is a reprint that has been influenced many decks since 2001. This card allows you to support your Pokémon with every colour you like. Well, this card might not be a complete new improvement, yet many players might place this card in their decks.

Conclusion Many new things are waiting for us in the upcoming months! This evolution definitely belongs to one of the most relevant extensions for a long time, since it comes with many new mechanisms. Moreover we also welcome the tried and trusted, such as some EX Pokémons. It seems like the developers has done a great job again by adding more depth and innovation to the game.

This set makes us desiring for more!