Set Information

Sun & Moon - Celestial Storm Brings Back EX Mechanics  

The Sun & Moon Series releases its seventh main expansion, featuring cards from the Japanese expansion, Sky-Splitting Eminence (裂空のカリスマ), as well as the Champion Road subset. This set brings trainers two modern reprints from an EX series, a new Ultra Beast, and focuses on Hoenn era Pokémon.

With over 168 cards, trainers will find eleven new Pokémon-GX, three new Prism Star cards, four higher rarity items, and a full art Supporter card. All cards are based on the Hoenn and Alola regions with digital access to Generation VII. This stars-and-skies themed set was premiered on 1 August 2018 (1 June 2018 in Japan) and came to European trainers on 3 August 2018. Celestial Storm promises a lot of variety and value with new and modernized Neo and EX designs.

Flying GXs Altaria and Rayquaza, New Metal Ultra Beast, More Prism Star Cards

Having three more Pokémon-GX than Forbidden Light, Celestial Storm shines with two Dragon-types – Rayquaza-GX and Altaria-GX – surrounded by many other flying Pokémon from a few years ago. Both Dragon-types demand a variety of Energies, which can be transformed into drawing ten cards with Rayquaza who helps you attach discarded Energy for multiplied damage to your opponent. Altaria focuses on damage prevention and can completely heal your team for higher HP and a low retreat cost.

The Metal-type Ultra Beast Stakataka-GX also prevents damage from other Ultra Beasts, bringing more support to its kind and pushing up the numbers of Ultra Beasts in your deck. His GX attack is called after his code name, UB Assembly, which becomes more relevant once you start drawing more Prize cards by increasing the damage dealt by your regular attacks. While Stakataka may not help the more aggressive Buzzwole decks, there will definitely be other approaches to utilizing the Ultra Beasts in the future.

Prism Star cards are bringing more value as non-GX Pokémon even if trainers may only place one of each card per deck. Latias ◊ synergizes well with Rayquaza-GX, Latios ◊ with Altaria-GX and other Dragon-type evolutions. Jirachi ◊ doubles in value as a Prize card. Overall, Prism Star cards still seem to find their way into deck-building as a bonus achieved when its draw outweighs its limitation.

Modernized Reprints and Bigger Pokémon-GX with New Crushing Abilities

Flashing trainers back to 2004, Celestial Storm brings the modern versions of two Pokémon from the Neo Design series, EX FireRed & LeafGreen: Articuno-GX and Mr. Mime-GX. Articuno can now be put into play faster due to his ability to switch with another Pokémon. He can also control the opposing Pokémon by discarding Energy symmetrically. Articuno has 180 HP which isn't very high but is still higher than Mr. Mime's. Mr. Mime at 150 HP can prevent damage in the oddest way but manages to stay relevant against aggressive decks. He is also able to protect his effects with a healing GX attack, Life Trick GX.

Both with a high 240 HP, trainers can choose to play Grass-type Shiftry-GX and Fire-type Blaziken-GX. Shiftry can Confuse your opponent's Active Pokémon. Blaziken can discard Energy just like Electrode-GX, enabling a big finisher for the aforementioned synergies with other GX and Prism Star Pokémon, which clearly focus on either discard or damage prevention.

In this cosmic space of chaos, both players and collectors will have many new exciting GX Pokémon and Supporter cards. The Celestial Storm expansion comes with two Theme Decks (Sceptile and Swampert) and a booster box with an MSRP of 110,00 €. Unlease your fury once more into the Sun & Moon cycle.