Set Information

The Epic Sun & Moon Finale Unites Starter & Legendary Pokémon!

The stars align as the twelfth and final main expansion of the Sun & Moon series sunsets the current meta with roughly 230 cards before the Sword & Shield era start rotation.  Cosmic Eclipse will bring over the last pieces of the cycle from the Japanese Alter Genesis set and Remix Bout subset.

TAG TEAMs will reunite once again in their strongest form as pairings featuring evolved Kanto starters, supported by other starter Pokémon from recent sets like Venusaur & Snivy-GX. The rest of SM12 will be headlined by other powerful TAG TEAMs. The God-Pokémon trio Dialga & Palkia & Arceus-GX will face off with Solgaleo & Lunala & Ultra Necrozma-GX, bringing a lunar design to many characters. As a bonus, there will also be TAG TEAM Supporters with stronger effects when Trainers meet their additional requirements.

As the Japanese release draws closer on 6 September, many are already waiting for announcements relating to the next new era. The global release on 1 November 2019 will definitely be a big holiday for Pokémon both in the TCG and its digital formats. Check back on October 2019 to get full spoilers on the most powerful GXs and which Secret Rares to look out for!