Set Information

The Dragon Majesty Dragons Reign the Pokémon World in This Exclusive Holiday Set

Bringing back the range of limited holiday sets after the previous Generations and Shining Legends, Dragon Majesty fills this year's Summer void with Pokémon’s most iconic dragons. This after the release of Celestial Storm as a main expansion of the Sun & Moon Series. 

With a smaller quantity of cards (70+) in this set, trainers can expect to find six new Pokémon-GX, two new Prism Star cards, six full-art cards, and over 20 Dragon-type Pokémon in total. Mainly based on the Japanese "Strength Expansion Pack: Dragon Storm" released last 6 April 2018, Dragon Majesty is available in English from 7 September 2018 onwards, starting with the first special promo products release of the "Latios and Latias Pin Collection Boxes".

Dragon Fire and Water Lead the Attack in Special Limited Boosters

As with previous holiday sets, Dragon Majesty is not looking to be sold individually but in special box releases which will be in the Sun & Moon cycle until the end of Fall. With the first release of the Latios and Latias Pin Boxes, trainers will only be provided the respective promo cards and three booster packs of Dragon Majesty. The following products, "Dragon Majesty: Legends of Unova GX Collection" and "Dragon Majesty: Premium Powers Collection" set to be released in Fall 2018, hold two excluded Rainbow Hyper Rare promo cards – Kingdra-GX and Dragonite-GX. There will also be a jumbo version of Dragonite-GX along with eight boosters and a poster. The booster packs will contain ten cards with one basic Energy, one reverse holo, and one guaranteed holographic Rare.

Aside from full-art Trainer cards and Prism Star cards, other Pokémon-GX will be available as Commons and Rainbow Hyper Rares. All are Standard-legal, so get hyped for the Pokémon in store for you in this set.

Reshiram-GX is a good basic Fire-type which deals a lot of damage and can Burn your opponent's Pokémon while helping you effectively distribute Energy. On the other hand, Kingdra-GX gives you more versatility when it comes to switching your Pokémon. The rest of the best focuses on the set's main theme: Dragons.

Celestial Storm already pushed Dragon-type Pokémon with good GXs. In this expansion, the dragons get even better. Dragonite-GX can either deal huge damage or bring back three discarded dragons to your Bench with [Dragonporter GX]. White Kyurem-GX requires Fire and Water Energy and can Burn and Paralyze your opponent's Pokémon with [Dragon Nova GX]. Dragon Vault's Salamence with a GX attack from the Champion Road subset will also be part of the Dragon Majesty roster.

Success with Mechanics but Also with Products

While Dragon Majesty is primarily based on the Japanese Forbidden Light expansion, SM6a Dragon Storm and the missing GX from SM6b Champion Road, the mechanics and meta are still getting continuous support and fine-tuned cards to enhance new types of deckbuilding. This time there are two new tech pieces: Lance for Dragon-types and Victini for Fire-types. Lance is a Supporter card, which lets you search your deck for up to two Dragon-type Pokémon, but only if one of your Pokémon was Knocked Out. Victini is less situational and deals damage with discarded Energy, which accompanies the new Charizard well.

Overall, expect the newest and mightiest Pokémon in the latest form of limited releases. Dragon Majesty leads to a more diverse and exciting supply of alternate sets and promos to open with your Pokémon team!