...more than 120 new cards! ...13 new Pokémon-EX including 3 brand new Mega-Evolution-Pokémon! …5 brandnew BREAK Pokémon Evolutions which come with a new great game mechanism and a golden design … 2 new Starter Decks which offer a perfectly balanced game experience and lead to new exciting matches

Set Information

The expansion XY 10- Fates Collide will be available in stores at 2.May and is the tenth XY expansion. The expansion will be legal fot tournament play in both Standard and Expanded by May 23rd.

General Information  This expansion contains cards from the japanese set Awakening Psychic King and is the first expansion to bring us Zygarde and his alternate forms Pokémon  Like in both previous expansions, we get access to a bunch of new BREAK Pokémon. This time we get access to Delphox, Omastar, Bronzong, Lugia und Carbink, which are also accessable in their regular versions. On top of that we get presented with a whole bunch of new Pokémon EX While the main focus of this expansion is set on Zygarde and his completed form, we can also enjoy M Alakazam EX, M Altaria EX and M Audino EX ,which we haven't seen in the Trading Card Game so far. In Addition to Alakazam EX, Altaria EX und Audino EX, and their Mega-Evolutiions, we also get some regular EX which are Regirock EX, Glacion EX, Kingdra EX, Umbreon EX, Diancie EX and a new version of Genesect EX. Most of these Pokémon EX and BREAK Pokémon will most likely be in the eyesight of collectors, but the players upon us get introduced to a new deck, containing Carbink BREAK, Regirock EX and Zygarde EX , which is already being hyped by a whole lot of players which like to compare it to the commonly know Virizion/Gensect Deck . Even M Alakazam EX has found its fans and I'm quite sure that we're going to see it having some appearances at tournaments. On top of all these amazing Pokémon EX and BREAK Evolutions, we also get some regular Pokémon in new awesome designs.. Upon tehse we get a new card of Mew which will also be an amzing addition to the already dominant Nightmarch deck and even increase its strenght.

Trainer Of course we're also presented with new Trainer cards which are going to bring some new effects into the game

The focus here is also set on Zygarde, because Zygarde is the next Pokémmon in an exclusive circle to get their own Trainer card, which is not a Spirit Link Power Memory is very similar to the Ace-Spec G-Booster which was one of the main reasons why Virizion/Genesect was such a dominant force. Unlike G-Booster , Power Memory is not a card that's limited to a certain number in your deck, meaning that you're free to use four of them.

The Supporter cards are lead by an old friend, which was previously just available in the Expanded format. I'm talking about N of course, a Supporter which a lot of players wanted to get back, because there are very few good draw Supporters currently. On the other side, tehre are also a lot of players that don't want to see this card back in the Standard format, but I guess we have to wait and see which site can be convinced to change their opinion first. The other Supporter in this set is also an old visitor, we haven't seen in quite some time. Team Rocket's Handiwork will probably remain an addition for rogue decks and not see too much use in any tournaments

Sadly a lot of space in this set is used for Spirit Links and Fossil cards, which is why we're getting very few regular item cards. One of these Trainers catches our eyesight immediatly, because we know him, like a lot of other cards in this expansion, from some time ago. I'm talking about Mega Catcher , a cardf very similar to the commonly known Pokémon Catcher , with the difference , that he doesn't need a coin flip, but also just works for Mega-Evolutions. The playability of this card will be set by the usage of Mega-Evolutions in the metagame.


The focus of this expansion is definatily set on Zygarde and his different forms, as well as his exclusive Trainer card, because as already mentioned, a lot of palyers are already hyping the deck right now. Sadly this expansion dissapoints a little bit in its Trainer and Energy lineup, because most of the cards we're getting are fossil cards or Spirit Links.

None the less we will get a lot of new cards to enjoy and we can definatily look forward to the time comming.