Set Information

Ultra Beasts Get Massive Upgrades in Pokémon's Forbidden Light Expansion

The sixth main expansion of the Pokémon TCG – Forbidden Light – launched on 4 May 2018. The set focuses on the Kalos region, bringing fan-favorite Pokémon like Greninja into the Sun and Moon era. With the expansion comes a whole host of Ultra Beast cards and Ultra Beast support cards, including a host of powerful new Ultra Beasts like Ultra Necrozma GX. Booster packs have an MSRP of $ 3.99 (est. 3,24 €) and, as with all Pokémon releases, there will be numerous ancillary products that will contain special promo cards and Forbidden Light booster packs.

One Prism Star Pokémon to Rule Them All

Fighting-type Pokémon have been huge in the current meta. Well, prepare to see the Fighting-type get even better with Diancie ◇. This Pokémon offers 20 extra damage to all Fighting-types while it's on your bench, giving Fighting-types that little bit of push they need to bust through the higher health Pokémon in the game. This card will definitely shake up the metagame and players should expect it to see play.

Along with Diancie, players are also getting another exciting Fighting-type Pokémon in Zygarde GX, who comes with three attacks – Cell Connector, Land's Wrath, and Verdict GX. The card also forms a powerful combo with Malamar, another card in Forbidden Light that allows Zygarde GX players to output huge amounts of damage with the right pieces. This deck looks like it could make waves and Zygarde GX itself is a strong contender for Fighting decks.

Ultra Beast Value Town

Along with powerful new Ultra Beasts like Ultra Necrozma GX, Ultra Beast players are getting some treats in the form of three powerful Ultra Beast support cards. First, we have Ultra Space, a Stadium card that allows each player to search their deck for an Ultra Beast and put it into their hand. Search effects on Stadiums are historically powerful and if there are Ultra Beast heavy decks, this will certainly be a major player. Beast Energy ◇ is the second Prism card in this set worthy of notice, as it basically acts as a Choice Band for your Ultra Beasts, while also providing energy of any type. Last, but certainly not least, we have the standout card of Forbidden LightBeast Ring. This card is scary powerful, searching 2 basic Energy cards and attaching one immediately to your Ultra Beasts, provided that your opponent still has three or four Prize cards remaining. This is a remarkably easy condition for such a game-warping effect.