...more than 140 new cards!

...12 brand new Pokémon GX with unique Attacks

… 2 new Starter Decks which offer a perfectly balanced game experience and lead to new exciting matches

The expansion Guardians Rising will be available in stores at May 5th 2017 and is the second set in the Sun and Moon era. The expansion will be legal for tournament play in both Standard and Expanded by May 26th.

Set Information

General Information 

This expansion contains cards from the japanese set „Strength Expansion Pack Sun&Moon"


This set continues the release of GX Pokémon and their unique attacks that can only be used once per game.

We will get twelve new GX-Pokémon. Some of these brand new GX-Pokemon will have a alternative silver-shining design, in addition to their regular one. These GX-Pokemon are the two Guardian Pokémon Tapu Koko and Tapu Fini, aswell as Alolan Ninetales, Lycanroc, Tortunator, Kommo-o, Metagross, Wishiwashi, Vikavolt, Toxapex and Sylveon.

Some oft hem have really powerful abilities or attacks. The most staning out GX Pokémon is Tapu Lele because it combines a very strong ability with a powerful attack. Other than that, Tapu Koko and Wishiwashi GX also show some potential, while Wishiwashis potential is primarily a result of the new card Aqua Patch. Every other GX doesnt show too much promise, but we will probably still see some oft hem making appearances at tournaments.

While the first set of Sun&Moon mainly had regular Pokémon with powerful abilities, this set features strong attacks instead. Garbodor is able to deal a lot of damage when your opponent has some items cards in their discard pile, which happens quite often in the current format. While Garbodor wants your opponent to use his ressources, Trevenant deals more damage when your opponent has Trainer cards in their hand. In addition to these two, Sableye is able to block Supporter cards which is also quite handy in a lot of situations.

Trainer Of course we're also presented with new Trainer cards which are going to bring some new effects into the game

This set features a lot of powerful item cards, such as Aqua Patch and Field Blower. But Rescue Stretcher, as well as the two shiny versions of Enhanced Hammer and Max Potion bring in some new spices into the game.

The supporter cards for this set are Mallow and Hala which both show some promise and will probably see play in tournaments at some point.


The focus of this set is definitily the continuation of GX Pokémon

This set brings a lot of ne wand interesting cards for both collectors and players.