Set Information

Meet Zarude, the Rogue Monkey Pokémon

Zarude V makes his TCG debut in the new Legendary Heartbeat set as a V Pokémon, with a familiar attack for anyone who played in the XY era of the game. [Jungle Rise], for 2 Grass Energy, deals 100 damage and lets you attach up to 2 Basic Energy from your hand to your Benched Pokémon, healing all damage from the Pokémon you attach to! This was a strong attack back in the day and is now on a Basic Pokémon! 

Amazing Rares – Amazing Artwork in Legendary Heartbeat

Amazing Rares are the real stars of the set however, boasting beautiful artwork that spreads beyond the art boundaries of a usual card! These gorgeous textured cards all have unconventional attack costs, but the attacks have incredible effects. The Amazing Rare Raikou can deal 120 damage to the opponents Active Pokémon, as well as 120 damage to an opposing Benched Pokémon with just one attack, but requires a Grass, Lightning, and Metal Energy to do so!

Zacian and Zamazenta also receive the Amazing Rare treatment, with both Legendary Pokémon having a single Colorless attack that attaches an Energy from the Discard Pile to themselves to help achieve those tough attack costs. However, there is huge payoff once again - Zacian can deal 300 damage for a Grass, Psychic, and Metal Energy if the opponent has a VMAX on their side of the board, while Zamazenta can become completely immune from damage from the opponent’s VMAX Pokémon, as well as dealing 180 damage for a Lightning, Fighting, and Metal Energy

Raikou, Zacian, and Zamazenta, along with Celebi, Jirachi, and Rayquaza will be the first ever Amazing Rare cards we see. It will definitely be interesting to see what strategies Trainers use to try and get the value out of these extremely beautiful (and powerful) cards!

A Variety of New VMAXs

Along with Amazing Rares, we see three new VMAX Pokémon in the set as well. Alcremie VMAX has a [Decorate] attack for a single Colorless Energy that lets you attach a Psychic Energy to each of your Benched Pokémon from your deck. This works hand in hand with its [G-MAX Finale] attack that deals 60 damage for each Energy card you discard from your Pokémon! This means Alcremie has no damage cap and can knock out any Pokémon in the game in just one hit!

Togekiss VMAX has the [MAX Glide] attack which deals 120 damage and lets you search for any two cards from your deck for just 2 Colorless Energy. Whilst this isn’t too flashy, you can begin to build very strong combinations in hand, such as ways to disrupt your opponent’s resources, or heal all the damage your Togekiss VMAX takes during your opponent’s next turn

Finally, Coalossal VMAX has [Eruption Blast] for a single Fighting Energy that can deal 130 damage if you discard an Energy card from the top of your deck. In combination with Oranguru from Sword and Shield, you can put an Energy card from your hand onto the top of your deck and then deal huge damage for a very little pay-out. You even get to attach the Energy afterward! And if 130 damage isn’t enough, [G-MAX Volcalith] further deals 240 damage for 4 Energy to finish off whatever is left after the initial [Eruption Blast]. Coalossal VMAX’s Fighting-type also makes it a strong counter to Eternatus VMAX from the upcoming western set Darkness Ablaze, which is set to make a huge impact to the format!

Legendary Heartbeat

Legendary Heartbeat releases in Japan on 10 July 2020 and will likely be included in the November 2020 set for the western side of the game. With the cards mentioned above, along with some other strong options for decks (such as Lugia which can deal 250 damage on turn 1, and Manetric which draws three cards when it evolves from Electrike), this set is bound to make a big impact on the game!