Set Information

Lost Thunder Is Going to Be the Biggest Set Released in Pokémon TCG History!

The eighth Sun & Moon expansion is looking forward to catching up with all the recent Japanese Sets from SM7a Fairy Rise to the latest SM8 Explosive Impact. This makes Lost Thunder the most extensive set of the cycle and of all time. With over 210 cards spiked with the most amount of Pokémon-GX to ever be released, the expansion extends the PKMN TCG's possibilities and mechanics with all-out records. The now established Prism Star cards will also have seven new additions. All available to Trainers on 2 November 2018, Lost Thunder will be the main expansion for the Christmas season aside from multiple promo box releases.

The Sun & Moon Series will again demonstrate the multitude of Pokémon Worlds to explore. With the largest number of cards released following Aquapolis from 15 years ago, Lost Thunder is breaking the two hundred-cards barrier for the first time in history. Check back in early October 2018 when the full spoiler is released to get to know the five missing cards and more insight on the greatest compendium of Pokémon-GX and the largest number of Prism Star and Trainer cards!