Set Information

A New Record in Pokémon TCG History as Lost Thunder Strikes

As the eighth main expansion of the Sun & Moon Series and the biggest set ever released to date, Lost Thunder is the marker for state-of-the-art mechanics and strategy diversity. With 13 new Pokémon-GX and seven brand-new Prism Star cards, players are guaranteed new experiences in terms of gameplay and power level.

For the first time ever with over 214 cards, Lost Thunder is a combination of three recent Japanese Sets – SM7a Thunderclap Spark, SM7b Fairy Rise, and SM8 Super-Burst Impact – bringing English-speaking trainers up-to-speed with the newest additions from the Johto and Alola regions. This giant expansion features many powerful Pokémon, such as the Legendary Lugia-GX, the Mythical Zeraora-GX, and the new Ultra Beast Blacephalon-GX.

Diversification in Gameplay with Prism Star and Pokémon-GX Cards

Pokémon-GX was introduced piece by piece and has now reached new levels of deckbuilding. Cards such as Blacephalon-GX pushes for an aggressive strategy with [Burst GX] that makes you discard a Prize card. On the contrary, brand-new Water-type Suicune-GX goes for a more defensive strategy with [Phantom Winds] and [Brinicles GX] which allows you to shuffle and switch Pokémon respectively. Similarly, Grass-type Shuckle-GX uses powerful keywords like Paralyzed and Poisoned, which counter a lot of aggression.

Support for Lightning-types grow bigger in Lost Thunder with the arrival of new Mythical Pokémon Zeraora-GX who can attach Energy cards from the discard pile to your Pokémon. Darkness-types are not left behind with high HP Tyranitar-GX who can damage each of your opponent's Pokémon with [Violent Sandstorm]. Last in line is Lugia-GX, a versatile addition to many decks as a Colorless-type with the potential to become a major player in the newest Standard decks.

The new Pokémon-GX concentrate on deck attacks. The new Prism Star cards, on the other hand, focus on deck restrictions and offer seven new one-off cards for trainers to try out in their builds. Different Prism Star cards support different themes, like Ditto and Celebi who deal with Evolution cards. Then there is Lusamine , a Supporter card perfect for Ultra Beast synergies. Finally, the set features three Prism Star Stadiums, two of which are Heat Factory ♢ supporting Fire-types and Thunder Mountain ♢ supporting Lightning-types.

The Sun & Moon Era Keeps Growing Creating a Legacy

Having the largest number of cards released since Aquapolis (186 cards) fifteen years ago, Lost Thunder is the new standard for what to expect in the future of the Pokémon trading card game with its Generation VII equivalent switching platforms digitally. Lost Thunder releases on 2 November 2018, following its Japanese forerunner, Super-Burst Impact released in September. Booster packs have an MSRP of 2,99 € and Lost Thunder can also be purchased as Booster Boxes, Theme Decks, and Elite Trainer Boxes.