Set Information

Tough Times Call for a Tough Set!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had massive effects on the world of trading card games, the Pokémon TCG included. Luckily, the Pokémon Company is not as affected in terms of international releases, keeping the new sets on track for players to enjoy during these troubling times.

Rebel Clash marks the second installment of the Sword & Shield era featuring punked-up Generation VIII Pokémon with a massive wave of Pokémon V and new busted Pokémon VMAX to explore. Based on the Japanese main set Rebellion Clash, new cards are available for purchase from 1 May 2020.

Rebel Clash Brings More Sword & Shield Designs

Sword & Shield may have been the set to introduce Pokémon VMAX and have brought out Zacian V, which represents the best deck in Standard at the time of release, but in Rebel Clash the deck’s true colors get to shine.

Seven new Pokémon VMAX makes it in this new set and most of them hold competitive potential. Dragapult VMAX and Toxtricity VMAX lead the hype as the cards to beat in the future to secure three Prize cards. While Dragapult brings a big power increase for Psychic-types with two highly evasive attacks, Toxtricity delivers an effective poison engine to Lightning decks. Additionally, all top evolutions of the new starters Rillaboom VMAX, Inteleon VMAX as well as Cinderace VMAX bring powerful new engines to their respective types with Malamar VMAX and Copperajah VMAX closing the cycle for Metal- and Darkness-types.

Many cards in this set are ready for brewing build-around decks as Rebel Clash introduces a large amount of fitting staples for the Standard format. Bringing back power mixed with nostalgia, the supporter Boss’s Order is back for interesting choices of Pokémon to switch. Next to that, Eldegoss V seems like a good fit for basically any Grass deck, granting card advantage when playing it to bench. Mechanics get much more diverse and easier to use with four new types of specialty Energy, the Scoop Up Net saving your Pokémon from K.O.s, and two new interactive Stadium cards.

The Pokémon World Continues Turning

Preserving safety for all stays the main priority for Pokémon internationally. The complete competitive season of 2020 has been cancelled as well as the World Championship in London being postponed to 2021. Furthermore, the newly announced Japanese set “World Down” has been renamed to “Infinity Zone” due to decency, which has never happened before in the history of trading card games.

Through this harsh news, Trainers cannot and will not be stopped from playing the game they love. Playing online has become a substantial part of card games as PTCGO (online client) tournaments are thriving with famous fan websites like Pokébeach holding monthly series with a large number of participants. The Pokémon franchise will stand through this crisis as their supporting fanbase is the most loyal you could ask for, leaving us all very grateful to be part of this great game. Stay strong and healthy Trainers!