...more than 150 new cards!

...11 brand new Pokémon GX with unique Attacks

… 2 new Starter Decks which offer a perfectly balanced game experience and lead to new exciting matches

Set Information

The expansion Sun and Moon will be available in stores at February 3rd 2017 and is the first set in the Sun and Moon era. The expansion will be legal fot tournament play in both Standard and Expanded by February 24th.

General Information  This expansion contains cards from the japanese set „Collection Sun“ and „Collection Moon“

Pokémon  Unlike the recently released XY sets we won’t get any new BREAK or EX-Pokemon. We will get the brand new GX-Pokemon instead that bring powerful attacks to this game that can only be used once per game. We will get eleven new GX-Pokémon. Eight of these brand new GX-Pokemon will have a alternative silver-shining design, in addition to their regular one. These GX-Pokemon are the two main legendaries Lunala and Solgaleo, the three final starter evolutions Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina , as well as the Alola Pokémon Lurantis and Gumshoos. This first wave of GX-Pokemon is wrapped up by Espeon, Umbreon, Tauros and Lapras. Some oft hem have really powerful abilities or attacks. While Primarina, Incineroar, Umbreon and Espeon all don’t look too got for now, ever other one ha seither an ability or attack that make them real contenders for spots in the top decks now or in the future. Lapras and Decidueyes use mainly isn’t their GX-Attack. In Decidueyes case it’s ist really good ability and in Lapras‘ ist first attack. Every other GX on the other hand has a really powerful GX-Attack that unleashes their whole power. In addition to the GX-Pokemon, tehre are also some regular Pokémon with very useful abilities.. Oranguru is a really nice draw supporter thanks to his ability that allows ist user to draw until they have three cards in their hand. Vikavolt on the other hand is a very good help to power up your Pokémon by searching your deck fort wo energies and attaching them to your Pokémon.. Las but not least is an ability that is going tob e very familiar to most players. Alola Muk is able to block basic Pokémons‘ abilities which makes him a powerful card against Shaymin and Hoopa EX.

Trainer Of course we're also presented with new Trainer cards which are going to bring some new effects into the game

Even though the set has a lot of old and new Trainer cards, most of them won't ever see any play in competitive Pokémon play.

The Supporter section of this set is also not that interesting. We will obviously get cards from characters of the new games, such as Prof. Kakui and his assistant Lillie, as well as some other familiar faces, but for most oft hem we will have to wait for the future to see their use.


The focus of this set is clearly set on the GX-Pokémon and new Alola Pokémon.

None the less we will get a lot of new cards to enjoy and we can definitely look forward to the time coming.