Set Name: Ultra Prism
Number of Cards: 150+
Release Date: February 2, 2018
Languages Available: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean

Set Information

Get Ready to Sleeve Up Your Prism Stars – Ultra Prism is Here!

Ultra Prism arrived at the Pokémon TCG scene on 2 February 2018 with a desire to shake things up. With over 150 cards in the set, it is the largest Pokémon expansion in long while. Within this massive card pool lies ten new Pokémon GX cards, six brand-new Prism Star cards, three new Special Energy cards, and 18 new Trainer cards. Clearly, this set brings a lot to the table. The question is, in this huge pool of new cards, where are the gems, what are the duds, and what is a Prism Star.

Prism Star Cards Crash into the Pokémon Metagame

Prism Star cards are, as one might expect, the calling cards of Ultra Prism. The expansion offers players powerful Pokémon, Trainer effects, and Energy cards to add to their decks. These effects are so powerful that the Pokémon Company felt the need to restrict them to one copy per card per deck because allowing you to build around them is potentially too strong.

Lunala ◊, for instance, is a 160 HP unevolved Pokémon whose cheapest attack allows you to attach a psychic energy from your discard pile to any of your Pokémon any way you like. That is some powerful acceleration, even if currently, there aren't too many played psychic Pokémon that can use it.

Super Boost Energy ◊ is similarly strong. The card provides every type of energy to any stage two Pokémon. Furthermore, if you manage to get four stage two Pokémon into play, it provides a whopping four energy of every type to the Pokémon it's attached to.

There are many other powerful Prism Star Cards out there, so be sure to experiment. Players may only be able to play them once, but with effects like that, one is all a player needs.

Ten New GX Pokémon… Oh My!

Along with the new Prism Star cards, Ultra Prism brought us ten new GX Pokémon in this expansion, including two new Eveelutions! Glaceon GX and Leafeon GX. Glaceon is a particularly terrifying card whose ability shuts down most of the metagame. Players will no longer be able to rely on Tapu Lele GX as their primary enabler and will have to think twice before relying on GX abilities.

Wherever your interest lies, whether it’s the new Prism Star cards, the amazing new full-art GX cards, or just the number of new cards you're getting in this huge set, get out there and enjoy the new world after Ultra Prism's release!