Shopping Wizard

The Shopping Wizard is a powerful tool, that will help you buy the cards you are looking for in a simple and effective way. It looks for the cards you define in a Wants List and tries to find a good combination of sellers offering these cards depending on your search criteria.

  • Buying a complete deck is now easier and faster than ever, just import the deck list into your Wants List, adjust your criteria and use the Shopping Wizard to promptly find the cards you need and put them in your shopping cart.
  • If you are looking to buy hard to find combinations of cards like specific foreign cards, the Shopping Wizard should help you reduce the time you need to find a good combination of offers.

To use the Shopping Wizard, you'll have to first enter the cards you need into your Wants List. Once you have all the cards in your list, please click on the link "Shopping Wizard". You'll see the following screen:


You have the following options:

Choose the correct list, if you have several lists
Only your country
Check this, if you would like to only buy from sellers that live in your own country
Sellers >=
Here you can define the minimum necessary seller ranking
Remove Expensive?
The Shopping Wizard will consider all offers for which the offer price is lower or equal to the maximum price you defined in your list. If you check this option, the Shopping Wizard will remove cards that cost more than your defined price including shipping costs
reducePrice: Will try to find a good balance between low prices and amount of sellers chosen. It does not try to find the absolutely lowest price as this would often result in too many orders from different sellers, thus reducing the quality of your buying experience.
reduceShipements: Will give you the combination of offers that allows to buy all the cards you want from the lowest amount of different possible sellers.

Click on [Go] and let the list compute your personal best offer. You will see a green status bar appearing.


Please wait until the computation finishes. Closing or reloading the page will not interrupt the computation. While the system is calculating one of your lists you cannot start a new calculation. Please do not start the computation of a very long list just for fun, as you wont be able to start new calculations before this one finishes.

After the computation is finished you will see a list with the suggested seller combination:


You can then put all those cards into your shopping cart by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the [Put into cart] button.

Once the cards are in your shopping cart, you can modify it as usual and then proceed to checkout.

Enjoy the new tool!

Note: The Shopping Wizard is currently in beta testing phase (as some functions are not yet complete, for instance the tool does not yet take into account playsets of cards) and thus is free of charge. Once the final version is released, you will need a paid subscription to use the tool.