Wants List

The PokemonCardMarket Wants List menu lets you manage your wants (i.e. the cards you need). You can add cards to the list and

  • be notified if an unavailable card becomes available again
  • aumatically search any seller's offers for cards in your Wants List
  • use the Shopping Wizard to automatically buy the optimal offer for all card you need

Adding a card to your Wants List

The first step to use the Wants List is to create a new list and start putting cards on it:

  1. Click on "My Wants" in the PokemonCardMarket menu bar
  2. Create a new list by entering a list name in the "New List" field and click the [+] button


The list will be automatically selected and you can start adding cards to your list.

Adding a single card

To add a card to your Wants List, please click on the "Add a wanted card" link:


  1. Start entering the card name in the search bar until you can select the wanted card.
  2. The define the additional criteria for your search:
    1. Amount: Please enter a positive number here (mandatory)
    2. Expansion: Choose an expansion or "No preference" if any expansion will do for you.
    3. Languages: You may choose one or several (by pressing the CTRL key) languages or leave "No preference"
    4. Min. Condition: Choose the minimum condition you want. Any "lower" card condition will be ignored in the search.
    5. Foil/Signed/Altered: Make your choice regarding those criteria
    6. Buy Price: If you have a maximum price you'll be willing to pay for this card, enter it here.
    7. E-Mail Alarm?: Choose this if you'd like to be informed by e-mail if the card is available on PokemonCardMarket
  3. Click on the green [+] button to add this card to the list.

Adding different versions of the same card

If you want to add different versions of the same card to your Wants List, you have to make sure that those versions are exclusively different, i.e. that there is no overlap between the different card criteria. Thus you can add

  • 1 Tarmogoyf from Future Sight in english
  • 2 Tarmogoyf from Future Sight in spanish
  • 1 Tarmogoyf from Modern Masters in no preferred language

but you cannot add

  • 1 Tarmogoyf from Future Sight in english
  • 2 Tarmogoyf from Future Sight in no preferred language (as this includes english language and thus includes the card no. 1)
  • 1 Tarmogoyf from No preferred Expansion in english (as this includes the card no. 1 and is included in card no. 2)

When you are trying to add a card that is not exclusively different from an existing offer, it will not be added to the Wants List as a new Want but will be added to the Want that already contains it.

Adding a (deck) list

If you'd like to buy cards for a deck or even an entire deck, instead of listing the cards one by one, you can import a complete decklist. To to so, please click on "Add Deck List".

Now enter or copy/paste the decklist in the corresponding form by respecting the following format:

4 Delver of Secrets
4 Nimble Mongoose
4 Tarmogoyf
1 Fire/Ice

Once you've entered all the cards, click on the green [+] button to add the cards to your Want List. The cards will be added with no further criteria, i. e. any card with that name will do. In order to refine the search criteria, you'll have to edit the list.

Editing the list

Editing the cards on your Wants List is identical to editing cards in your stock, i. e. you can edit the cards one by one by clicking on the [Pencil Icon] or you can use the Bulk modification.

Get the cards!

Now that you have your "shopping list" ready, get the cards you need by using our Shopping Wizard.